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Still, in relation with the basic tutorial lesson of creating excel template, this is a basic time sheet template where it has a standard common time sheet layout as other common time sheets you can find in internet.

Time sheet usually created to determine payroll for a period of time. The period can be defined within one day, one week, two weeks, one month or project time. There three templates are created here, weekly timesheet, biweekly timesheet and monthly timesheet. All the layouts are the same. The different is in the number of rows needed to accommodate the period of the time sheet.

You can put the company logo at the left corner of the worksheet, which originally my nephew company logo. Fill the employee ID, name, title, and department, followed by filling start date and number of working days per week or per month. The dates and the days will be populated automatically. And you can continue to fill start and end hour of each date. Since this is a basic template with basic formula, feel free to modify according to your needs. And if you want a printable blank worksheet, just erase all the filled columns inside the worksheet.

Weekly Time Sheet

Weekly Time Sheet

Biweekly Timesheet

Biweekly Time Sheet

Monthly Timesheet

Monthly Time Sheet

Below is the new template to manage, track and generate employee time sheets. There are two versions available, the lite and pro version. The one that you can download below is the lite one which can try and use for free. It requires Excel 2007/2010 with Windows or Excel 2011 with Mac to run it well.

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