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Our collection of free schedule templates includes 20 spreadsheets that have been downloaded 216633 times!

Designed specifically for students, project managers, parents, small business owners, and anyone who likes planning, we hope this page will provide you with the tools and resources needed to get your planning done.

The spreadsheets featured below are designed for Microsoft Excel but should also work in Mac Numbers, OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets.


Shooting Schedule

Just because you’ve typed FADE OUT on the final draft of your script doesn’t mean your work is over, especially if you’re producing the film yourself. Once you’ve found your locations, actors,...

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Cleaning Schedule Template

Who doesn't love a nice, tidy, lemon-scented living space? More importantly, we have a responsibility to maintain a clean home for our own well-being. But cleaning can get overwhelming when we think about...

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Workout Schedule Template


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College Schedule Template

College life can be exciting – great parties, terrible food, more parties, and definitely no sleep. With all the excitement, it is a good idea to have some kind of organized schedule, to hold you accountable...

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Construction Schedule Template

Any good project could use a schedule to help you keep organized and stay on track. But in construction, an organized schedule is a must! Construction projects usually require literal tons of resources,...

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Event Schedule Excel Template

They say spontaneity is the spice of life, but organization is the key to success. With our Event Schedule Templates, we’ll help you organize your next event in order to maximize your opportunities for...

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Homeschool Weekly Schedule Template

If you’ve decided to take your child’s curriculum into your own hands – congratulations! The advantages of homeschooling are many, and one of those advantages is the option to create a flexible schedule...

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Hourly Schedule Template in 15/30 Minute Intervals

How often do you say, "I just can't get anything done today"? In today's increasingly fast-paced world, our attention is pulled in hundreds of different directions. It's a wonder we get anything done...

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Hourly Schedule Template


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Medication Schedule


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Monthly Schedule Template


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Printable Weekly Schedule with Tasks and Quotes


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Time Schedule Template


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Training Schedule Template


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Baby Feeding Schedule Template

Babies bring so much joy to our lives. But along with happiness, most likely, also come sleepless nights and chaotic days. During this crazy but wonderful time, organization and routine are important....

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Rotating Schedule


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Employee Schedule Maker

Creating a shift schedule could be confusing and time consuming especially if it has to meet a certain criteria, for example, number of shifts, number of people, maximum working hour per week, certain...

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Project Schedule Template


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TV Schedule

There is a request from people about a possibility to have a calendar where they can customize their favourite TV shows in that calendar. So, they will easily being reminded by the calendar about the date...

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Weekly Class Schedule

A weekly class schedule is the guiding light for your academic adventures. Schools will likely have some version of a weekly class schedule that you can use. However, the format will vary and may not always...

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