Excel Health Templates

Here we have 12 spreadsheets to help you getting happier and healthier. 44132 downloads and counting!

Our templates are built to help you manage your health, weight, and fitness. Calculate your BMI and BMR, ideal weight and body fat, waste to hips ratio, find out baby gender, or plan your pregnancy.

Our free documents are compatible with Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, OpenOffice and Google Spreadsheets.


Simple BMI Calculator 18 KB790 downloads


Simple BMR Calculator 16 KB718 downloads

Weight Management and Diet

Body Fat Caliper Navy Calculator 21 KB8298 downloads
Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator 18 KB510 downloads
Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet 75 KB8289 downloads
Ideal Weight Calculator 17 KB592 downloads

Health and Wellbeing

Blood Sugar Level Tracker 123 KB865 downloads
Menstruation Calculator Pregnancy 101 KB5677 downloads
Chinese Gender Calendar 22 KB6209 downloads
Menstrual Cycle Calculator 64 KB6255 downloads
Baby Growth Tracker Weight Height 1.2 Mb5395 downloads
Biorhythm Calculator 39 KB534 downloads