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Probably, most of you already now the definition of checkbook register. For me, checkbook register is a form that is used to track my checking accounts, although I am not regularly updating it. But, if you are a kind of people that can monitor and record your income and expenses regularly and need a record to be reconciled with your bank statement and kept for several months, you can use this template. And this template can be expanded to track all of your daily income and expenses.

Checkbook Register

This template consist of 2 worksheets. The first worksheet is a checkbook worksheet where you can put your daily income and expenses. First, put your name, your checkbook period, your beginning balance and your final bank statement balance at the end of checkbook period here. You don't have to fill checkbook balance since it will be calculated automatically.

After that, you can start filling the daily columns where the description of each columns are as follows :

  • Date - Date of your transaction
  • Item #  - Your item number, if any
  • Type - Type of your financial transaction. You can define your transaction type in the type and category worksheet
  • Category - Category of your transaction. You can define your transaction Category in the type and category worksheet
  • Payee - The party that you deal with during transaction
  • Description - Explanation of your transaction
  • C - Reconcile column which you can fill after compare your transaction with your bank statement. Put "C" inside if the value is reconciled and the color of the row will turn into blue, so it will be easier for you to see which rows that is different with your bank statement
  • Debit - If your category is expenses, you should put your expenses here. There will be a color guidance shown up after you select your category.
  • Credit - If your category is income, you should put your income here. There will be a color guidance shown up after you select your category
  • Balance - You don't have to do anything here since this column contain a formula that will calculate your balance.

Checkbook Register 2

The second worksheet is type and category worksheet where you can define your transaction type and category for your income and expenses.

That's all the explanation guys. You can download the excel template here.

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