World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet

Perhaps, this is the template that you might be waiting for. This is a FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet that you can use to record all World Cup football matches results which will be held in Brazil, in June 2014. Actually, I have finished this template in December 2013, but I decided to create several models of schedule and scoresheet templates.

World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet – New Template
This is a new template, release at 1st April 2014. I received some feedback regarding a plain layout of my original template and asked me to create more attractive layout. Then, here it is. I made major changes in its layout, as you can see in picture below. Hope you’ll like it.

Excel World Cup 2014 Schedule with Knock Out Bracket

As you can see  above, I re-designed the knock out stages layout, from table model to bracket model. I put some dummy scores to show you how it looks when the tournament is ended. Other changes are :
> Venue information : There are venue information which will inform you the city where the match is played
> Feature to highlight group, country and venue matches : You can highlight some of group matches based on one or those three parameter. Just delete your selection to remove the highlight
> Feature to add your own language : There is additional worksheet where you can translate the English language used in Tournament worksheet into your own language. Select CUSTOM in language selection before translate it. Don’t use the same country name which already available in language selection or the formula in tournament worksheet will get confused.
> Group color mark in knock out stages. Those 8 Groups will have different color. You can see the color in their standing table header. This color will be placed in knock out stages to inform you from which group the country that advance into the next round.
> There is only two type of box scores in this knock out bracket. Normal/Extra time and Penalty Kick box score. If the matches are ended in normal and extra time period, type the total score in those green boxes. The penalty kick box score will appear if the score until extra time is draw. Enter penalty shoot out result in those pink boxes to reveal the winner.

There are two spreadsheets with different knock out brackets. One spreadsheet with direct team name to replace group winners/runner ups bracket, and the other one with empty bracket that you might need if you want to print it and fill it manually. It is up to you to choose which one that you want to use for this tournament.

Please use and download the latest version (V1.7) for the new templates, because the previous version has incorrect pairing knock out matches in Quarterfinals.

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet with Knock Out Bracket 1 V1.74 (815.0 KiB, 62,903 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet with Knock Out Bracket 2 V1.73 (991.7 KiB, 50,085 hits)

World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet – Original Template
Except country names, there are no major changes applied to my original templates. You can download and use it based on my previous World Cup soccer templates. There two models available, one model will have national flags next to each countries, while the other will have no images at all. The latter will be more suitable to be used with slower computer processor.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet

For you who are new to this template, you can follow short guidance below :

– Go to Tournament worksheet
– Select your language and timezone preferences, there are 44 languages and 139 cities that you can choose. Basically, you are done setting the template.
– You can start using it by entering the score in score boxes (blue color). All group standing will adjusted automatically based on rule below :

  • Greatest number of points in group matches
  • Greatest total goal difference in the three group matches
  • Greatest number of goals scored in the three group matches

If teams remained level after those criteria, a mini-group would be formed from those teams, who would be ranked on:

  • Most points earned in matches against other teams in the tie
  • Greatest goal difference in matches against other teams in the tie
  • Greatest number of goals scored in matches against other teams in the tie
  • If teams remained level after all these criteria, FIFA would hold a drawing of lots.

The drawing of lots for tied teams takes place one hour after the final game in the group at the stadium where the championship match is held. The drawing of lots is similar to the World Cup Draw in terms of style and format; a ball is drawn from a pot, which contains balls with the names of each tied team. In World Cup history until 2010, lots have only been drawn once. It happened in World Cup 1990, held in Italy. It is taken to decide the 2nd and 3rd place in Group F, between Republic of Ireland and Netherlands. Republic of Ireland won the lots. But, both team are advanced to knock out stage because Netherlands qualified as top 4 of 3rd place team.

After all group matches are finished, the top two team of each groups will advance to the round of 16 where all team will be placed automatically in round of 16 brackets, which has been set by FIFA up before the tournament is begun. Here, surprising matches could come up. For example, if Brazil topped group A and Spain become a runner up in group B, these two team would meet in round of 16. If it is happened, it won’t be easy to predict who will win the match.

In knock out stages, entering scores is a little bit different, first you have to enter the normal time score, and if the match has to go to extra time or penalty kick, you should entering scores on related boxes. Do this until final match to reveal the Winner of this World Cup 2014.

You can also see a simple youtube guidance on using this spreadsheet.

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet V1.60 (1.1 MiB, 39,599 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag V1.53 (195.1 KiB, 5,726 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag - Sorted by Group Matches V1.53 (191.5 KiB, 5,995 hits)

World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet with Goal Scorer Input
This is a new template that I create it for the first time to be used in this tournament, where I add a capability to input goal scorers where you can follow top scorer progress until the end of tournament. And I tried to make it as simple as possible.

World Cup 2014 Scoresheet with Top Scorer Spreadsheet

I reconstruct worksheet layout as you can see in the file. There are maximum 8 goal scorers per team that can be selected per match (I believed there won’t be any team that can score more than 8 goals in this tournament). To reveal those boxes, type the score first, a number of goal scorer boxes will be revealed based on your input. Select the player who scored the goal, And there are own goal scorers list that you can select also. These own goal scorers won’t be included in top scorer list as well as penalty kick scorers if the match has to be decided by penalty kick in knock out stages.

By the end of tournament, if more than one player topping the list with the same number of goals, you can re-rank it. In World Cup, it will be decided by the number of assists, but you don’t have to put assist numbers. Just type the rank based on those numbers. You can watch a simple guidance to use this spreadsheet in video below, if you are still get confused.

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag - With Top Scorer V1.59 (562.9 KiB, 5,713 hits)

World Cup 2014 Calendars
I integrated several of my old templates, weekly and monthly calendar, with this World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet. With these templates, you will have options to see matches schedule in calendar form, either weekly or monthly. You can take a look at the screenshot of those two calendars below.

World Cup 2014 Weekly TV Schedule

World Cup 2014 Calendar

With those calendars above, you can put your own schedule, either TV schedule or your own important schedule along with World Cup 2014. You can use the language translation features, eventhough only translate the World Cup 2014 part, dan you don’t have to enter the score in this spreadsheet.

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag - With Weekly TV Schedule V1.71 (292.8 KiB, 4,259 hits)

  World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet - Without National Flag - With Monthly Calendar V1.57 (234.4 KiB, 3,389 hits)

It could be some errors shown up in these spreadsheets because I didn’t have enough time to verify it one by one. I would be appreciate if you can inform me whenever you found one, so I will have time to fix it before the tournament is started.

If you like my creation, you can donate me 8.99 bucks and in return I will send you the unprotected version of the template where you can learn all excel formulas that form this template (only the version with national flag since all models are sharing the same formula). And I believe that you will respect my creation, use it only for your own purpose and won’t distribute it to anybody without my permission or claim it as yours.

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