World Cup 2014 Office Pool

Following the release of World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet, I created another template, World Cup 2014 Office Pool, that is ready to be downloaded now. I made some changes and add some features based on feedback I received from you who used my previous Euro 2012 pool template. Features included options to exclude extra time and penalty shoot out in knock out stages match result. And, there are separate leaderboards for group and knock out stages which will give you some flexibilities on managing your game in this tournament.

World Cup 2014 Sweepstake Spreadsheet

You can follow short guidance below to use this spreadsheet :

Go to Setup worksheet. This is a worksheet where you have to setup all the parameter before you play the game.
There is a filename box. It will be used if you plan to rename the file as another name. And remember not to forget replacing it if you have saved the filename as another name or you cannot move between individual player tabs.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Sweepstake Setup

Go to Group Stages Prediction part
Set points for any prediction results. You can change the default points based on your own criteria.
o Point for correct match result (win-draw-loss) with correct score prediction
o Point for correct match result (win-loss) with correct score difference prediction or correct draw prediction only
o Point for correct match result (win-loss) prediction only

Go to Knock Out Stages Prediction part
You can set points differently on any knock out stages. The point classification remains the same with previous classification in Group stages. But, in this knock out round stages, you will option to include/exclude extra time and penalty kick scores as part of your game. For example, if you want all of your players to predict only normal time results, you can exclude both options and points will be given based on those options.

Example :
Brazil meet Netherlands in round of 16. You predict Brazil will win 3-2 in normal time. The result, Brazil win 3-2 after penalty kick (0-0 on both normal and extra time). You won’t get a point at all if extra time and penalty kick are excluded, but you will have the maximum point if extra time and penalty kick are included. Play around with this feature to get used to it.

All players will be ranked based on :
1. Points earned
2. Correct Match and Score Prediction
3. Order of players in PlayerList

There are three leaderboard worksheets in these spreadsheet. With these leaderboards you will have option to have more than one winner of your game (Group Stages Prediction winner, Knock Out Stages Prediction winner, Tournament winner). It gives opportunity to people getting rewards eventhough they are only want to, or just join in Knock Out stages.

After you finished in setup worksheet, go to player list to put your player name. In lite version, there are maximum 15 players can be accommodated to play the game. Just remember not to write the same name in this list more than one or the formula won’t working well. You can go back to this worksheet when a new player want to join your game.

Go to Player Scoreboard worksheet, when you finished with this player list worksheet. Then go to individual player scoreboard (you can access it through links inside the table or through individual player scoreboard tab and move between player using arrow tab). You can start to write your player score down. The easiest way to manage this game, you print this sheet or you print my world cup 2014 schedule and scoresheet, make copies and distribute it among all of your players. You can print the setup page as an attachment to inform them about your game rule, or you can write it in MS Word with your own words and distribute it together with prediction scoresheets. Ask them to enter the score and return it to you again. Or, you can also ask them to fill the score in my World Cup 2014 spreadsheet and ask them to email it to you so you can enter their score in your pool spreadsheet. Anyway, it is your privilege on how to manage your office pool :). I just provide the tool that should ease you.

Go to Player Leaderboard Worksheet. You can check your score input in player scoreboard and see the standings after every finished matches in player leaderboard. As I informed above, there are three player leaderboard worksheets that you can use, group stages, knock out stages and all stages worksheets. This leaderboard will give you some flexibility on managing your pool winner, just in case you want to have separate pool winner between group and knock out stages.

After you input all of your players prediction score, you can start entering the real result in Match Schedule worksheet and see the position of all players in leaderboard. Just play around with this World Cup 2014 Office Pool to get used to it. You can watch my simple video on how to use it if you still need more guidance on how to use this spreadsheet.

Let me know if you found some errors in this spreadsheet, so I can fix it before the tournament is started.

  World Cup 2014 Office Pool Lite V1.50 (746.5 KiB, 30,561 hits)

I provide the Pro version that you can buy for 11.99 if you need an office pool to accommodate until 100 players. All shown worksheets are unprotected also, so you can add new formulas or personalize it with your own rules.

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