World Cup 2010 Teams Biorythm

This is just an extended version of my personal biorythm calculator that I have posted two years ago. I modify the calculator so it can be used to calculate any football players biorythm  who participate in World Cup 2010 Football Tournament in South Africa.

Some doctors believe that there is a biorythm cycle that affect human performance, where it started from your birth. They divided the cycle into three categories, i.e physical which cycling every 23 days, emotional which cycling every 28 days and intellectual cycle which cycling every 33 days. And based on it, there will be an out-of-form performance are shown by any football players in this one month world cup 2010 tournament.

But, as also the doctors said, you can only use it as a side reference, because there are many other factors that can affect people performance or any football players performance in this World Cup. Don’t trust it 100% especially when you are supporting your favorite teams :).

World Cup 2010 Biorythm

Instead of just calculating one single player, this calculator will calculate teams biorythm based on biorythm calculation off all players in one team who played in any matches. Just select the country name and the playing date and you can see those teams biorythm calculation. And you can select or deselect the status of the players to include or exclude them in teams calculation.

And there is a green dot that will appear next to the teams biorythm parameter, just to show you that one team is better from the other on that parameter. I haven’t complete all the data of the players, so you can continue to complete it for your own data.

You can download the file below.

  World Cup 2010 Football Player Biorythm (219.9 KiB, 8,256 hits)