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UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Posted on October 3, 2013
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UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 has started. Two group matches have been played in Group matches by the time I publish this template. There will be no conclusion can be made from two matches. The knock out round door is still wide open for any team that participate in this tournament. Will it be any surprises this year? Will Chelsea eliminated again in Group phase? Will Bayern Munich following Chelsea path by being eliminated in Group stage as reigning champion? By December, all people questions will be answered when all Group matches are played and top two of each group are revealed.

UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Schedule
UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet

I have made a slight adjustment in this template based on new regulation applied on knock out round. Basically, the new regulation is implemented in last 2012/2013 Champions League competition, but I didn’t notice it. This is just minor adjustment because you still can use the old one to emulate this year competition. In this new regulation,  semifinal pairing team matches will be decided by drawing after quarterfinal matches are played. So, I made minor adjustment by arranging the drawing box for semifinal matches next to quarterfinal drawing box.

You can follow short steps below to start using this template
– Open the template
– Type group matches scores in Group Stages worksheet. You can highlight team or group matches by select your preference in dropdown menu on top of  group matches table.
– When all group matches are finished, put pairing number in Drawing box below Group Standing table based on Drawing result. For example, if drawing result for the Group A Winner reveals match #2, you have to put number “2” in drawing match box. If the drawing result give Group C Runner Up match #2, then you have to put number “2” in related box. So, you will have match #2 Group A Winner vs Group C Runner Up, where those teams will be shown automatically in Knock Out Phase worksheet.
– When all Round of 16 and Quarter final matches are finished, you have to make pairing matches by placing all those winners on related brackets based on drawing results.

There is a Team Info worksheet where you can see Champions League participant progress in this tournament. The information in team history part is not completed yet, you can complete it by typing it in Team History worksheet.

You can download the template below.

  UEFA Champions League Fixtures and Scoresheet 2013/2014 (193.0 KiB, 6,639 hits)

If you would like to see how excel formula works in this template, you can send me 10 bucks through paypal button below and I will send you the unlocked one. Please use it for your own purpose and don’t distribute it to anybody without my permission or claim it as yours.

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5 Responses to “UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet”

  1. Mark-N on October 7th, 2013 7:47 am

    thank you for these amazing templates. I love the possibilities you display with your excel skills. am a new learner n i would love to have such splendid skills of doing work. how do i learn froma pro like you


  2. Monty on October 27th, 2013 6:56 pm

    Need the EPL-template!

  3. Joe Beard on November 3rd, 2013 11:42 pm

    Hi mate,

    I’ve made a similar spreadsheet as you based on the Champions League but I’m having trouble on how to get the head to head ranking to work (it’ll only do it with 2 teams and not any more)

    Is it possible to show me how you’ve done it as I’m struggling


  4. Paul on November 13th, 2013 12:06 pm

    Which version of excel do I need for the update version as it comes up a message when saving. As it won’t let me make any amendments or changes in the ones I’ve purchased.

  5. Tik Wong on December 13th, 2013 6:47 am


    Group stages finished. I have input all scores correctly, however, in Group G, it shows Austria Wien in third, while Porto in forth.

    But the fact is Porto will play in Europa League, and Austria Wien is at the last of the group.

    Is there any error in the equation?
    Or, is this an error came from file conversion? Because I am using excel 2003 at my working place.


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