Rugby World Cup 2015 Office Pool

This is a 2015 Rugby World Cup Office Pool template you can use to organize your world cup prediction game among your friends, colleagues and relatives. It is created specifically for this tournament and I made plenty of modification as well as added more game options compared with my previous soccer world cup office pool.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Office Pool TemplateIn this spreadsheet, you can choose either applying round-by-round or set-and-forget prediction game. Round-by-round prediction game is suitable for you who organize a small group of people and have time to follow every matches and give prediction based on real team matches, while set-and-forget prediction game is suitable for you who organize a large number of people who give prediction once and see their prediction results by the end of the tournament. The latter will make certain players can’t continue until the final because their teams might be eliminated either in group or knock out stages which prevent them to get more points. Anyway, it is all up to you to choose the most suitable one. Because of this new scheme, each player prediction will be calculated separately to produce their prediction group winners and runner ups to be compared with real group winners and runner ups.

There are 5 working worksheets in this Office Pool spreadsheet
– Setup > Worksheet to set all of your Pool game parameter
– Player Scoreboard > Worksheet to place your player name and see their prediction summary based on their entry order
– Player Leaderboard > Worksheet to see your player standing
– All Players > Worksheet to put all of your players score prediction
– Tournament > Worksheet to update the real score after each match is completed

And there is one Score Prediction Sheet you can distribute to your players as a sheet to put their score prediction. You can print or send it by email to your players and you can collect them at your own time preference.

You can follow instruction below to use this spreadsheet:

Setup Worksheet

RWC 2015 Pool - Setup

Group Stages
> Define your point system and set player point for predicted match results in pool round matches. There are 4 available stages that you can reduce into 1 stage by set unused stages to 0 or same values.

Point System :
There is no specific rule, your players just type their prediction score in prediction score boxes

Player Points :
1. Point for correct match result (win-draw-loss)  with correct score prediction (maximum point)
2. Point for correct match result (win-loss) with correct score difference prediction or correct draw prediction only
– You can set it as the second stage point
– You can similarize this second stage point with the other 3rd and 4th stage point to have 2 level point stage
– You can omit this stage as well as other remaining stages to only have one stage point system
3. Point for correct match result (win-loss) prediction only and score difference margin is within certain value
– You can define certain margin for match score differences to give your player additional points or you can similarize or omit this by typing 0
4. Point for correct match result (win-loss) prediction only
– You can set this 4th stage point or similarize with 2nd and 3rd stage points or just type 0 to abandon this stage

Bonus Points :
There is an optional bonus point system you can implement by giving points for correct Tries prediction or you can set it to 0 to abandon this bonus point system. If you set it to 0, your players are not required to fill Tries score prediction in All Players Prediction worksheet

Knock Out Round Matches
> Define your point system and set player point for predicted match results in Knock Out round matches.

Point System :
1. Set your Pool Prediction method by selecting Team in Knock Out round matches
– If you set “Based on Prediction Matches”, all teams in knock out brackets will follow your pool standing prediction results. This selection is suitable for you who want to run “Set and Forget” type tournament where all players just give you one time prediction from the first until final match at once.
– If you set “Based on Real Matches”, all teams in knock out brackets will follow real pool standing results. This selection is suitable for you who want to follow tournament matches one by one and predict the score based on team who played in knock out round. This selection will give your players the same start again in knock out rounds.
2. Set matches period included in Point calculation
– If you set “Normal Time”, only normal time score result included in point calculation. If your player predicted the match result is draw, additional winner box will be shown and you must type the winner based on real result to place the winner on the next bracket.
– If you set “Full Time”, all score results will be included in point calculation

Player Points :
Player Points will follow the same structure with group stages points setup.

Bonus Points :
There are several bonus points can be awarded to your players based on scheme below :
1. Group Winner and Runner Up correct prediction
2. Group Winner correct prediction only
3. Group Runner Up correct prediction only
4. Qualified 2 teams (swapped group position)
5. Qualified 1 team only (incorrect group position)
6. Correct Knock Out Bracket Pairing Matches

You can apply different bonus point based on your own specific rule by typing directly in player bonus point boxes, but you have to clear all formula inside bonus point boxes so it won’t add points by accident. But remember that you have to review match result and compare it with your player prediction and then put those bonus point manually in every player boxes. All points in those boxes will be included automatically in player scoreboard.

After you finished setting up your pool, you can start typing your player name in Player Scoreboard worksheet and typing score prediction in prediction score boxes in All Players worksheet. When you finished entering those scores, you can start your game by typing the real score in Tournament worksheet once respective Rugby World Cup 2015 match is completed. And you can start seeing your player position each time one match is completed in Player Leaderboard worksheet.

Let me know if you found any errors in this Rugby World Cup 2015 Office Pool by sending me a message in Contact Us form so I will have time to fix it before the tournament is begun.

This spreadsheet below is a lite version. It is protected and it can accommodate until maximum 15 people. If you need to accommodate more than 15 people, you can purchase the Pro version that can accommodate until maximum 100 people. There are two version of Pro package you can purchase. The first one is editable on shown worksheets only where you can customize its layout and tweak the codes on all shown worksheets while the second one is fully editable where it will give you flexibility to customize and tweak anything inside including tweaking the tournament codes. You don’t need to purchase the fully editable version of RWC 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet since it is embedded inside this Pool spreadsheet if you bought the full version. And because of those group standings calculation process needed for each players, your computers might take 2-5 seconds processing time to complete all the calculation, depends on the number of the players and your computer specification.

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