Men’s Olympic Football 2016 Schedule and Office Pool Spreadsheet

Soccer is one of the sports contested in Summer Olympic Games. There are 16 teams for Men and 12 teams for Women that will compete for a gold medal in 2016 Olympic Games held in Brazil. Seven venues will be used for this competition that will be held from 3 to 20 August. As you know, Brazil soccer team has never won a Gold Medal in Olympic Games, eventhough they have won World Cup five times, the most among all countries. It could be a good chance for them to win it this time, because this tournament is held in their country eventhough the last World Cup tournament in their country didn’t end in their favor.

Men's Olympic Football 2016 Schedule

This Men’s Olympic Football 2016 spreadsheet is a schedule and scoresheet for Men competition only. I planned to create Women competition spreadsheet but I didn’t think I will have enough time to do it. Layout of this schedule is similar with previous Copa America and Euro 2016 spreadsheets, all group and knock out matches are shown and can be printed in one page. Knock out round will have bracket format with one score box allocated for fulltime score and additional box will be shown if respective matches have to be decided by penalty shoot out.

16 teams will be divided into 4 groups with top two teams will advance to the knock out round. Those are :
Group A : Brazil, South Africa, Iraq, Denmark
Group B : Sweden, Colombia, Nigeria, Japan
Group C : Fiji, South Africa, Mexico, Germany
Group D : Honduras, Algeria, Portugal, Argentina

Those teams will be ranked based on regulation below :
1. Higher Points
2. Better Goal Differential
3. Better Goals Scored For

If teams are shared similar ranks after rule no 3, they will be reranked based on rule 1 – 3 among those teams only.

And If it still produces similar rank, they will be drawn by FIFA.

I think you already familiar with this spreadsheet. To use it, you just have to type the scores in respective boxes and all ranks in groups will be adjusted accordingly. Teams who advance to knock out rounds will be placed automatically in respective brackets and you can continue typing the scores there.

  Men's Olympic Football 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet V2.0 (445.2 KiB, 1,347 hits)

The spreadsheet is protected, but there is an unprotected version, if you want to learn the code or just want to thank me, that you can purchase through the paypal button below.

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Another spreadsheet that could accompany you watching this football tournament is a Men’s Olympic Football Office Pool. It is a prediction game spreadsheet that you can play with your friends.

Men's Olympic Football 2016 Office Pool

You can download it below. The free version is limited to 15 players only. There are commercial version if you want to extend your players until 100 players. If you are new on using this type of spreadsheet, you can follow the instruction in Copa America 2016 article on using it and understanding its rule since they are sharing similar template. And there is a single prediction sheet that you can use to collect your player’s predictions.

  Men's Olympic Football 2016 Office Pool V1.71 - 15 Players (1.0 MiB, 827 hits)

  Men's Olympic Football 2016 Office Pool Prediction Sheet - V1.71 (457.7 KiB, 724 hits)

There are 2 version you can choose, editable on shown worksheets (workbook is protected as well as its group standing formula codes) and fully editable version. Editable on shown worksheets version will allow you to modify anything on all shown worksheets, but you can’t add or remove worksheets as well as can’t access main formula in its hidden worksheet since the workbook is protected, while the fully editable one will allow you to do anything with the spreadsheet.

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