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Italian Serie A 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Posted on August 26, 2012
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Italian Serie A competition has just started by the time I release this Italian Serie A 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet template for excel. For the past three months, AC Milan and Juventus have become teams which being talked by most of people around the world. This is because AC Milan has lost majority of their main players while Juventus has lost its coach, Antonio Conte, which led Juventus to become Serie A Champion last year. AC Milan has lost Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thiago Silva, and the latest one is Antonio Cassano who moved to Internazionale. And you won’t see Inzaghi, Nesta, Seedorf, Zambrotta, Gattuso, van Bommel as part of Milan squad also. Eventhough Milan coach, Allegri, believe that his team is still competitive to fight for Serie A title, it is hard to believe this new team will capable enough to take over serie A crown from Juventus. And it looks like that the race for Serie A champion will be wide open, considering that almost all Serie A teams are maintaining the 2011/2012 squad.

To follow all progress of Serie A team in this 2012/2013 season, I have made a new Serie A 2012/2013 fixtures and scoresheet for excel which totally different from the previous years. It took some time to finish this new one, because I tried to make the general template which can be used to create and map all soccer league competition around the world with ease. You will see the words “Powered by Excelindo Soccer League Creator” at the bottom of several worksheets inside this template.  That is the main program, in excel, to create this fixtures.

There are several features I have added in this new template, several of those are:

1. Italian Serie A Tie-Breaker Policy
I have adapted the Serie A tie-breaker policy where the final position for Serie A competition will be ranked based on rules as follows:
– 1 > All Matches – Highest Point
– 2 > Team Concerned Matches – Highest Point
– 3 > Team Concerned Matches – Better Goal Difference
– 4 > All Matches – Better Goal Difference
– 5 > All Matches – Better Goals Scored
– 6 > All Matches – Better Away Goals Scored
– 7 > Team Concerned Matches – Better Goals Scored
– 8 > Manual Re-Rank

2. New Dashboard Design
I made some improvement in Dashboard design which will ease you to track Serie A progress

3. Last 5 Matches Results
Now, you can see your team performance in their last 5 matches

4. Team Fixtures with Calendar View
I made a major modification in team individual information worksheet where you can see a few stats of your favorite teams and also all matches in one year calendar view. And there is an explanation of marking dates colors below the calendar.

There are other features that you might explore after you downloaded the file. By the way, this template cannot be used with Excel 97/2003, because of some formulas and conditional formatting which need at least Excel 2007 to make it running well. But, I still prepared the old one, just in case you haven’t upgrade to Excel 2007/2010, but still want to follow Serie A 2o12/2013 matches. But, I suggest you to upgrade it to the upper version, if you want to feel the new features :).

There are plenty of information about the features which I think I haven’t explained, but you can leave your questions in comments box below. Please send me some feedback if you found any errors so I can fix it quickly.

  Italian Serie A 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet - Update 1(Excel 2007/2010) (2.6 MiB, 7,759 hits)

  Italian Serie A 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet (Excel 97/2003) (578.4 KiB, 3,437 hits)


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51 Responses to “Italian Serie A 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet”

  1. flavio on August 26th, 2012 4:32 pm

    ta dando caminho nao especificado nao pula a rodada

  2. flavio on August 26th, 2012 4:43 pm

    QUANDO Agente Avança aa proxima rodada da Caminho NAO especifacado

  3. flavio on August 26th, 2012 5:08 pm

    a rodada não avança da arquivo não especificado

  4. flavio on August 26th, 2012 5:38 pm

    eu tenho excel 2010 quando a gente avança a proxima rodada da arquivo não especificado

  5. flavio on August 26th, 2012 5:41 pm

    esses meu comentarios e na versão nova que voce postou beleza quando vai corrigir

  6. baldie on August 26th, 2012 6:51 pm

    Can’t move to the second week onwards in Excel 2013. Works fine in your new Spanish league sheet.

  7. flavio on August 26th, 2012 7:23 pm

    nã0 entendi

  8. flavio on August 26th, 2012 7:27 pm

    a outra tabela pra baixar que é da versão 2003 não tem o criterio de desempate confronto direto

  9. flavio on August 26th, 2012 7:40 pm

    problema da liga italiana quando avanço a rodada ele da arquivo não especificado

  10. Ebra on August 26th, 2012 9:01 pm

    Thanks for the scoresheet, but I can’t access the weekly games in the updated version.
    Thanks :)

  11. Compo on August 26th, 2012 9:08 pm

    Same problem with the weeks. Happens in Ligue 1 spreadsheet as well

  12. interist on August 26th, 2012 10:47 pm

    Can anyone please tell me how I can download the Italian Serie A template…thanks in advance!!

  13. Musadya on August 26th, 2012 10:56 pm

    Sorry all, I forgot to change the filename when I renamed the file. You can rename the filename in setup worksheet by adding “- Update 1” before the xlsx extension, or you can re-download. Tks.

  14. Maurizio on August 27th, 2012 9:15 am

    Salve, complimenti per il lavoro fantastico che fai, ma vorrei chiederti una info: come mai non riesco a modificare i risultati?mi dice che è protetto e non mi fa mettere i risultati dalla seconda giornata in poi!Grazie

  15. tiger78 on August 27th, 2012 9:28 am

    How do I change the time of the games? It’s GMT, I need GMT+2. It is not an option in the setup.

  16. Musadya on August 27th, 2012 9:42 am

    @Maurizio: Mi dispiace, ho dimenticato di aggiornare il nome del file. Provare a scaricare il più recente.

    @tiger78: I am sorry, this version doesn’t support time conversion option, you can do it manually by typing it in time column for all matches.

  17. flavio on August 27th, 2012 1:50 pm

    eu queria senha pra poder colocar escudos na taela italiana

  18. l454160@rtrtr.com on August 27th, 2012 8:03 pm

    Gran spreadsheet but,
    1. the spreadsheet is not also in italian, like la liga in not in spanish or La Lige 1 is not in french

    2. going to “matches”, selecting “week” insted to appare the day of the week (mon, tue, etc..) using an italian version is reporting the error “ddd” instead of using in the formulas “ggg”.


  19. l454160@rtrtr.com on August 27th, 2012 8:07 pm

    Gran foglio, peccato che

    1. il foglio non e’ anche in italiano come quello spagnolo quello francese e cosi’ via;

    2. andando a “matches” e selezionando la “week”, nella versione in italiano di office non traduce i giorni della settimana correttamente riportando l’errore “ddd”;

    3. a quando la versione della Premier League?

  20. Musadya on August 27th, 2012 11:17 pm

    @l454160@rtrtr.com: Thanks for your feedback. I have a plan to put language translation and time converter. I will update you soon it is available.

  21. Mark on August 27th, 2012 11:21 pm


    Could You update Formula 1 Schedule & Championship Tracker to season 2012?

  22. Mark on August 27th, 2012 11:37 pm

    Oh! I made a mistake. Sorry for my comment, delete it :)

  23. Janette Cassar on August 28th, 2012 11:46 am


    I need to make a modification to these sheets, to make some customization, like deleting the column of goal difference, and adding grids and borders to the cells on the dashboard.

    how can I do that? is there a password I can buy?

  24. JULES on August 28th, 2012 12:43 pm

    Bro… you are amazing…
    the sheet is perfect…

    i’m a big fan of yours…

  25. Musadya on August 28th, 2012 1:20 pm

    @Janette: I am working on separating worksheets that will be allowed to be seen and unlocked with password.

    @Jules: Thanks

  26. flavio on August 28th, 2012 7:24 pm

    musadya qual é a senha pra eu colocar escudo na tabela do italiano

  27. Titano on August 29th, 2012 8:44 am

    Lo stadio del Cagliari e’ il IS ARENAS e non il San Elia; addirittura per la lega e’ il Nereo Rocco di Trieste.

  28. Mario on August 30th, 2012 6:42 pm

    Torino e Sampdoria partono da -1
    Atalanta -2
    Siena -6
    Cmq ottimo grazie

  29. Hassan on August 31st, 2012 12:19 pm

    Thank you Musadya for these useful sheets

    I downloaded all of the leagues sheets on Excel 2007/2010 and I am using Macbook Pro. The problem I can not change the weeks, I am now on week 1 but I could not swap between weeks. Please help

  30. Musadya on September 2nd, 2012 5:23 pm

    @Flavio: I will provide password later on, but it is not free :)
    @Titano: I try to translate your comment, but I still cannot get it what you mean. Could you re-comment in English?
    @Mario: You can use the point deduction column in setup worksheet to put deduction point for those teams
    @Hassan: Please check the filename in setup worksheet. You can replace it with the filename that you use, including its excel extension.


  31. Titano on September 3rd, 2012 7:22 am

    The stage of Cagliari and ‘the Is Arenas and the St. Elias, even for the alloy and’ the Nereo Rocco Trieste.

  32. Titano on September 3rd, 2012 9:26 am

    The stadium of Cagliari and ‘the Is Arenas

  33. kikujiro on September 3rd, 2012 12:40 pm

    Non ho capito l’esatto uso della funzione “rescheduled”.
    (I did not understand the exact use of the “rescheduled” function).
    Grazie – Thanks

  34. Musadya on September 3rd, 2012 1:41 pm

    @Titano: Thank you for your correction. I think I got your point, Cagliari has a new stadium. I will change it in the next version, but you can change by yourself also in setup worksheet.

    @Kikujiro: Rescheduled function is used when there is a change in match dates, because of any reasons. When this is happened, change the original dates into the new dates and type “yes” in rescheduled column. And you will see all rescheduled matches in rescheduled worksheet. It will help you to remember which matches needed to be updated when it is played.

  35. Hassan on September 3rd, 2012 9:11 pm

    @Musadya: Please check the filename in setup worksheet. You can replace it with the filename that you use, including its excel extension.

    Thanx so much for your effort. Templates are fixed and work 100%

  36. Titano on September 5th, 2012 6:09 am

    Team name AC Milan and AS Roma not used, using Milan and Roma.
    Teams are listed in alphabetical order except Pescara.
    These three problems involve an order melted in the list of items in single day.
    Also the standard start time is 15:00, I could not find where to configure the time zone.

  37. amani on September 5th, 2012 2:44 pm

    hello, i’ve looked at this form of yours and i have to admit, i’m really impressed. could you please contact me by mail for purchasing details.

    i couldn’t find a way to contact you anywhere in this web. i’ve written my mail in this form before leaving comment so i’ll be waiting for your reply. thx.

  38. Matías on September 29th, 2012 10:37 pm

    Hi, I have a problem. It says that the file is broken or damaged, can you fix it?

  39. GDT on October 18th, 2012 2:22 pm

    Si potrebbe inserire il girone di qualificazione sudamericano ai mondiali 2014?

  40. Titano on January 8th, 2013 10:20 am

    The match Cagliari – Juventus was played Ennio Tardini stadium in Parma and not at the stage IS ARENAS how can I put the change because the cell is protected by a password?

  41. Robbie on January 10th, 2013 4:00 pm

    Good job with the template.
    I have a suggestion
    Can you build a players’ database so as to be able to track things like “highest goal Scorer” Goals per match, Minutes played so far etc on the excel sheet.

  42. tyo’s on March 4th, 2013 7:09 am

    there is a problem when the points are earned the same team, a team that has a better goal difference why even be below it?

  43. Titano on April 3rd, 2013 12:10 pm

    Cagliari will play the latest games at home in Trieste (Nereo Rocco Stadium) abandoning the stage IS ARENS.
    Too bad they can not update the data due to password protection of the cell.
    The next year will play in a stadium to be defined.

  44. Titano on June 17th, 2013 8:01 am

    Serie A 2013/2014:
    The Sassuolo will play the matches in the stadium in Reggio Emilia “Città del Tricolore”
    The Cagliari should play in Brescia

  45. Titano on June 19th, 2013 6:21 am

    Serie A 2013/2014:
    Cagliari have got to play in the stadium “IS ARENAS” of Quartu Sant’Elena (CAGLIARI), now the work must be carried to safety.

  46. Titano on June 28th, 2013 8:23 am

    Serie A 2013/2014:
    The stadium “IS ARENAS” is being dismantled, trying to make it fit for use again the stadium “SANT’ELIA” of Cagliari. At this time nothing is certain.

  47. Arthur on August 22nd, 2013 11:59 am

    In the FAQ you mentioned making the German, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch unprotected… I like the spreadsheet and do keep the scores up-to date…
    Do you plan on producing the 2013/14 ones, or can we have the 2012/13 unprotected so I can change the teams please..

  48. Ciko on August 28th, 2013 8:47 pm

    Ci sarà un versione 2013/2014??
    E come bisogna fare per acquistarlo e avere il file non protetto da password?
    Grazie mille 😉

  49. flavio on August 29th, 2013 12:58 pm

    cade as tabelas de futebol

  50. Ciko on September 9th, 2013 9:57 pm


  51. Gigante on September 18th, 2013 1:37 pm

    Serie A 2013/2014… have you a release date?
    We have had already 3 matches….

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