2017 Formula 1 Race Schedule and Championship Tracker

This is a 2017 Formula 1 Dashboard and Championship Tracker spreadsheet. If you have ever used this spreadsheet, you will see the same dashboard and race circuit layouts with previous published spreadsheets. This is my 7th year Formula 1 spreadsheet. Although it has the same layout, in this 2017 version, I add automatic circuit adjustment capability where I don’t have to modify each circuit information every year or if there is any policy changes in the middle of the season because of unexpected conditions. It happened in year 2014 and 2015 where I have to wait one week prior to the first race before published it just to make sure that the planned race circuit didn’t change. It is changed in the middle of the season though. And it made me to modify and republished it again.

2016 Formula 1 Dashboard Spreadsheet

Also, each year there is always been a changing of circuit order where I have to edit each circuit worksheets because points calculation in driver standing is referred to worksheet orders. I already thought about adding automatic capability since 4 years ago but I haven’t had a time to modify it… until last year. With this spreadsheet, you don’t have to wait for me uploading the new or modified one because you can edit it by yourself. You can modify teams, drivers and circuits without worrying about meshing up with the excel formulas inside. It is still protected though. You still need to purchase the fully editable version if you want to modify its layout or learn its chart/standing codes.

You still need to change the flag manually, because the automatic flag adjustment function requires higher computer speed which it could annoy you while updating the score. You will see that if you change the circuit orders or add/remove one circuit, the flag will remain unchanged. Anyway, I you can have both spreadsheets if purchased the editable version so you can test it before selecting the suitable one.

The first race of 2017 Formula 1 season will start at 26th March 2017, in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. This race circuit has always become the opening race for the past five years. And for the past 2 years, winners of this circuit has been crowned as a Formula 1 Champion by the end of the season. With a promising testing result for Ferrari and other Team, it should be interesting to see whether their results can be mapped in racing season to dethrone Mercedes, the reigning champion.

If you are already familiar with this 2016 Formula 1 Dashboard and Tracker spreadsheet, you can start using this template and learn how to modify circuit orders from Modify Circuit link in Team and Driver setup worksheet. If you are new, you can follow brief steps below :

To add new team and drivers
– Go to Team Setup worksheet
– Edit Team’s name in Team table. There are 12 rows you can use to put team’s names.
– Edit Driver’s name in Driver table. There 30 driver rows to put driver’s names. 22 rows have been used for current drivers. You can modify current names to suit your language spelling. You can add new drivers (replacement or wild card drivers) below the 22nd driver by adding their names, number, nationality and selecting their teams. Use insert function to add new flag image.

To modify race circuit information

2016 Formula 1 Dashboard - Circuit Setup

– Go to Race Circuit Worksheet (the link is at the right corner of team setup worksheet). You should see  a table as shown in picture above.
– Set Year of Formula 1 season in cell K2. It is set 2017 already.
– Set number of used circuits in cell K3. It is set to 20. You can modify it to lower/higher number if one or more circuits are removed/added in the middle of the season.
– All 2017 circuits with sufficient information already being put in circuit table. The order is based on 2015 circuit order. To update it to 2017 season, all you have to do just typing the current order in Race # column (column H), or the second column after the number, as you see in picture above. As you can see, the previous year 2nd race circuit (Sepang, Malaysia) is moved into 16th race circuit. With this new worksheet, you can just type 16 in Sepang Malaysia column and you can see it shown as 16th race circuit automatically. You can complete or corrected other information in the table if you found any any incorrect ones.

To put Formula 1 result to race circuit scoresheets
– Go to Race Circuit scoresheet by clicking circuit link at the left side of each worksheets.
– Put the drivers in correct standing positions by selecting it from driver dropdown list in column I. Only top 10 drivers who earn points that can be selected. You can change the points in each race circuit worksheets if points are modified because of specific conditions (race is stopped or others which affect any points given)
– You should see team and driver standing positions are updated automatically as well as dashboard chart

That’s all guys. If you are a MotoGP fans, you can download the 2017 MotoGP Dashboard and Championship version that is built with similar structure with this spreadsheet.

  2017 F1 Schedule and Scoresheet Tracker (570.4 KiB, 1,956 hits)

As informed above, you can have a fully editable version for USD 5.

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