Euro 2016 Office Pool

Euro 2016 final soccer tournament will come in June. That’s the time you might shift your attention to follow your favorite team progress in this tournament. And it could be fun if you can arrange a prediction game among your relative or friends. To help you manage it quickly you can use my Euro 2016 office pool. Compared with my previous pool spreadsheets, I made major changes in this spreadsheet to accommodate more game options where you will have plenty of flexibility on choosing the suitable one for your pool game.

Euro 2016 Office Pool
I removed all individual player worksheets. I decided to put all players score entry boxes in one worksheet only. The main reason is to make the calculation process faster since I dedicate a separate group standing calculation to each player. With this function, you will have an option to continue the game in knock out rounds based on each player’s team prediction.

There are five steps you need to follow to use this pool template.
1. Set your prediction game rule and points in setup worksheet
2. Type your player names in player scoreboard worksheet
3. Type your player’s score prediction in all players worksheet
4. Type real score results in tournament worksheet
5. See player’s standings in player leaderboard worksheet

I will show you how the rule works and how the points earned using a simulated spreadsheet.

First, you have to go to Setup worksheet and modify group stages points. If you think you are ok with current points, you can continue to next setup area.

There are 3 level for players to get points.
1. Players will get maximum points if they predicted match results correctly. Current point is 100.
2. Players will get points if they predicted match result correctly with incorrect score results but with correct score difference. Current point is 75.
3. Players will get points if they predicted winner of the match correctly with incorrect score difference. Current point is 50.

As you can see in taken screenshot below (left table is real result), player 1 get 75 points for 1st tournament match because he predicted the result correctly, the score result is not the same but the difference is the same. He got 100 points for the second match, 50 points for 3rd match and so on.

Euro 2016 Pool - Group Stages Points
You can reduce the stages into two or one stage by setting value in unused stages to zero or similarize 3rd level point to 2nd level point. For example, you don’t want players get points for 3rd level condition, you just set the point to zero. Or, you can set point for 2nd level to 50 (same with 3rd level) if you just want any incorrect score prediction to be awarded same points regardless its score difference.

In Knock Out Stages, you can select whether you want to continue the game with the teams that are based on real results or based on player’s prediction results. You also have option to include or exclude penalty kick in your player points calculation. Based on player’s prediction result option is suitable for you who manages a large number of players and want them to predict the score for all matches just once, while based on real result option is suitable for you who want to follow tournament matches one by one and predict the score based on team who played in knock out round. This selection will give your players the same start again after all group matches are completed.

Below are screenshot you can see for both game options. First picture shows how knock out brackets will be filled if you decide to play the game based on real matches result while the second picture shows the implementation of the player’s prediction option.

Euro 2016 Pool - Based Real MatchesAs you can see above, teams in both knock out brackets are the same. Players just have to put their prediction scores and when their predictions are correct, they will earn points based on point policy.

Euro 2016 - Based on Players Prediction

In picture above, you can see that teams in player 1 knock out bracket are based on player 1 group standing table. He won’t get points if pairing matches are not the same. But, he still has the opportunities to collect additional points if his team’s pick is winning based on bonus points policy.

Bonus points will be based on player’s group standings table (only for teams in position 1-3) as described below.

Players can earn extra points for teams that qualify for knock out rounds after all group matches are finished where point values are customizable if they
1. Predicted group winners correctly
2. Predicted group runner ups correctly
3. Predicted qualified group 3rd place correctly
4. Predicted 16 knock out teams correctly
5. Predicted 12 – 15 knock out teams correctly
6. Predicted 8 – 11 knock out teams correctly
7. Predicted Knock Out team matches correctly
8. Predicted Knock Out team’s winner correctly

Picture below should make you understand how this conditions implemented in this game.

Euro 2016 Pool - Bonus PointsTo not get confused with bonus regulation no 3, four best 3rd-placed teams from players prediction will be compared with real results. Example above shows that 4 best 3rd-placed teams based on players prediction are Northern Ireland, Spain, Belgium and Iceland. Real results show Wales, Spain, Sweden and Hungary. Only one team, Spain that is predicted correctly which rewarded a bonus point based on regulation no 3. But, if players prediction for 3rd place in group B is Wales (you won’t see it in Pool file, but may see it in your individual prediction sheet), which is the same with the position in real result, this player WON’T get bonus point. Why? Because this player didn’t predict Wales to qualify for the knock out rounds.

More explanation for bonus regulation no 8 can be seen in picture below.

Euro 2016 Pool - Team Pick

Basically, bonus point no 8 regulation will give your players a chance to get more points if their team become a champion regardless of incorrect knock out match brackets and opponents. As you can see in picture above, player 1 predict England to become Euro 2016 champion. He got maximum points, 1600 because England is a champion, but as you see in that knock out brackets, England in player 1 standing table is a group runner up while in real result England is a group winner. It made the knock out bracket position is not the same, but England won all knock out matches to become a champion where it made player 1 earned the maximum bonus points (4 wins x 400). If England lost in quarterfinal, player 1 still get 1 win point from round of 16 match.

Notes :
– In Player Scoreboard worksheet, if you have players with same names, put additional distinction marker, like “2” or other to differentiate these two names. Red color will be shown automatically if there are duplicate names.
– Cells with blue background are used to inform you that teams inside the cells have the same position with the team in real group standings where respective players will earn bonus points.
– Cells with blue font are used to indicate that teams inside the cells are the same with the real teams that advance to the knock out rounds where respective players will earn bonus points.
– You can see the number of correct predictions on countries that qualified for knock out rounds shown in cell below each group standing table (cell BK58 for the first player)

After every match results is entered in tournament worksheet, you can track your player’s rank in player leaderboard worksheet.
Players will be ranked based on
1. Points earned on all matches (Group and Knock Out Round) + Bonus Points
2. Number of Correct Match and Score Prediction and Correct Pairing Matches in Knock Out Round (if Score Prediction point system is based on prediction matches)
3. Order of players in Player List

You can watch the instruction on how to use it in video form below.

The free version can accommodate until maximum 15 players. You can purchase the paid version if you want to accommodate until 100 players. There are two version you can select to purchase.

  Euro 2016 Office Pool V2.76 - 15 Players (3.4 MiB, 6,666 hits)

You can use Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet to collect your player’s score prediction. But, if you are looking a more specific one, you can use this prediction sheet template below. I decided to create it after getting some feedback about a specific spreadsheet like I have created before for my previous pools. Player’s can put their name on top of the table, set game type and type their score prediction in the right table while real scores can be put at the left table. Then they can return the sheet back to you to be put in Office Pool spreadsheet.

  Euro 2016 Office Pool Prediction Sheet V2.45 (449.8 KiB, 2,177 hits)

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