Euro 2012 Pool

Finally, I finished the Euro 2012 Office Pool Template. Comparing with my previous World Cup 2012 Office Pool, I modify this spreadsheet lay out. That’s the reason why it took so long to finish it, instead of just changing the words. The rule is remain the same, except it is applied only to 31 matches without 16 round matches.

For you who are new to this template, please find below the short guidance of using this template. This spreadsheet is consists of 5 big parts. Those are Setup, Player Leaderboard, Player Scoreboard, Match Schedules and Individual Player Part. Each parts are formed with one or more worksheets which probably cannot be seen directly. There is no excel macros used in this spreadsheet.

This is the first part that you need to complete before starting this pool game. And like my previous template, it can accommodate until 25 players. By default, once you entering your player’s name, this excel pool spreadsheet is ready to use.

There are score reference table that you can modify if you have other score preference. I define three rules for getting points in this pool game. In this rule, every player will get points if
– they predict correctly match and score result
– they predict correctly match and goal difference result
– they predict correctly match result only

You can see my default points in the table and you can change it. I also define different points value for group and knock out stages, where the point in knock out stages are doubled or tripled than group stages. This type of points will make every player still have a chance to win the game eventhough they join in the middle of the game or they always predict incorrectly in group stages. You can start the game after this step.

There are several options to make it played easily.
First, you can print individual player worksheets and your friends or colleagues can write down their prediction in their sheets. You can appoint yourself or someone to collect all the prediction information and put it in the player worksheets. Or, you can just print a blank individual player worksheet, make 25 copies, and spread it to your friends.

Second, You can share this spreadsheet using the sharing menu in your microsoft excel program. But, it will only work if your computers are connected each other. Put this spreadsheet in one computer or a server which strong enough to be accessed by 25 players at the same time.

I quoted how to share a workbook from microsoft excel 2010 help menu:
“On the Ribbon, click Review, Share Workbook, and then in the Share Workbook dialog box, on the Editing tab, select the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging check box. On the Advanced tab, select the options that you want to use for tracking and updating changes, and then click OK.”
You can go to find more detail about this from you Microsoft Excel help menu.

And there is a filename cell in this Setup part. If you want to rename the filename, make sure that you also change the filename in this setup part or some internal links will be broken.

Player Scoreboard
This is a player summary part where you can see all player predicted scores and points, sorted by player number. You can switch between point view and predicted score view by clicking related tab on top of this worksheet. You can go to individual player part by clicking the “update score” link, next to the player name or Individual Player Scoreboard tab which will bring you to the player number 1.

Individual Player Scoreboard
There are two big boxes in it. The left box is a prediction box where all players can put their score prediction. The right box is the real result box where the result will be appeared once you fill the result in Match Schedule worksheet. You can also see the point you or any players earned and also current rank on the top side of the right box. You can move between players by clicking the player # button on top of this worksheet.

Player Leaderboard
This is a main part where you can see the rank of all players when the match results are revealed.

Honestly, I still want to do several things with this spreadsheet, but I don’t think I have much time to do it before the tournament is begun.

Ok guys. Just download and give it a try to get used to it. I’ve test it and found no errors, but let me know if you found one, so I can fix it before the tournament is started. You can download the file here.

  Euro 2012 Pool Template - 25 Players (610.2 KiB, 6,968 hits)

If you want to learn all the formula to build this pool including euro 2012 schedule formula, or just want to thank me, or you want to add new formulas and personalize with your own rules, you can paypal me 11.99 bucks, and I will send you the editable one that can accommodate until 100 PLAYERS.

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