2016 MotoGP Schedule and Championship Tracker

Last MotoGP season could be one of the most entertaining race in MotoGP history… because of Valentino Rossi and Marquez controversial clash in Sepang, Malaysia which attracted all of MotoGP fans around the world to give their comments. Unfortunately, the final result wasn’t going to Rossi favor where he lost his chance to get his 10th title after being punished to start from the back of the grid in Valencia, the last of MotoGP race in 2015.

It should be interesting to see how Rossi, Lorenzo and Marquez will react in this 2016 MotoGP season. Will they shake hands when they share podiums? Will they keep their temper cool when they battle for position in the circuit? The first race in Losail should be worth of waiting to see how it goes.

MotoGP 2016 Schedule

Actually, this 2016 MotoGP Schedule and Championship Tracker spreadsheet is my 2nd spreadsheet for MotoGP. I didn’t create it after my first one in 2013 because of this circuit editing issues. I have made it more easier to modify where you can edit it easier for next MotoGP season as well, or if there is any circuit changes in the middle of the season.

The outlook remains the same if you compare it with the 2013 version. This 2016 MotoGP Schedule and Scoresheet spreadsheet is intended to inform you the schedule and track riders standings after every race by putting respective riders on respective positions in each circuit worksheets. You can see the Top 10 riders and Top 5 team in Dashboard and track riders, team and constructors standings in standings worksheet.

To refresh you on how to use this spreadsheet, you can follow steps as follows :

Modifying/Adding Constructors, Team, and Riders
– Go to Team Setup Worksheet. You will see 3 tables there.
– Go to Constructor table to modify constructor’s name. There is one blank row available for additional constructor.
– Go to Team table to modify team’s name. There is one blank row available for one new team.
– Go to Rider table to modify rider’s name. Modify rider’s name, add their bike number, nationality and flag, select respective team and constructor names. There 6 blank rows to add new riders.

Modifying Race Circuits
– Go to race circuit worksheet by clicking on modify race circuit link from team setup worksheet (at the top right side).
– Enter season year in cell K2
– Enter number of race circuits in cell K3
– Modify circuit information in table below. You can see the example in the table. All information in  this table will be mapped in circuit worksheets which are used for updating scores.
– Adjust race circuit order by typing the order in Race # column (column H). You can change this order if a new circuit being added or removed due to particular conditions.

Updating Race Result Scores
– Go to aimed circuit by clicking the circuit link at the left side of each worksheets
– Select rider name based on race result position.
– You can modify position points if specific riders is getting penalty points in certain race circuits or if race circuit points are being cut by half or certain points if the race is stopped and earned points are deducted.

Circuit data in this spreadsheet is not completed yet. There are still many unfilled circuit information including its race time. You can complete it by typing required information in respective columns in circuit setup worksheet. If you want to learn more about its formula that built the spreadsheet, you can purchase the fully editable version for USD 5. You will get both MotoGP and Formula 1 version.

  2016 MotoGP Schedule and Scoresheet (619.8 KiB, 966 hits)

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