2010 FIFA World Cup Office Pool

Hi all, there are many requests about making a prediction game or an office pool based on my World Cup 2010 Schedule.

There are many types of prediction games or office pools can be made based on custom rules for this 2010 FIFA World Cup Football Tournament in South Africa. I made one that you can modify, tweak or develop based on your own rules. I don’t put any password in those worksheets so you can learn and modify it easily.

I created an office pool that can accommodate until 25 players with 3 different rules with 18 point values. You can adjust those point values. And if you think you want to eliminate existing rules or add new rules you can follow the formula I created to modify it. And basically this is a rule that I used with my friends for every World Cup or European Cup tournament.

World Cup 2010 Player Scoreboard

I separated those 25 players into 25 different worksheets, so you can make this excel spreadsheet as a sharing workbook. I will explain how to share this workbook later… or you can just find it the your Microsoft Excel help menu.

To summarize those 25 player worksheets, I created two worksheets, Player Scoreboard worksheet and Player Leaderboard worksheet. Player scoreboard worksheet is the place where you can adjust the game point values and the place to see each player’s point in every match. Player Leaderboard is the place where all player’s points will be ranked.

These are steps to use this spreadsheet :
1. Go to Player Scoreboard worksheet and set the point value
I define three rules for getting points in this pool game where any players can get points if
– they predict correctly match and score result
– they predict correctly match and score different result
– they predict correctly match result only

The score for those correct prediction are different and you can change it in in the point system box in Player Scoreboard worksheet.

I also define different points value in group and knock out stages. So, every player will still have a chance to win the game eventhough they join in the middle of the game or they always predict incorrectly in group stages.

There is a player scoreboard where you can see all player’s scores. You don’t have to do anything here except clicking on the player column to go directly to player worksheets.

Worlc Cup 2010 Player Worksheet

2. Go to Player Worksheets and define player name
Put your name on the top row of the player 1 – 25 worksheets and the name will be automatically appeared in Player Scoreboard and Leaderboard worksheets.

You can start the game after this step.

There are several options to make this game is easily played.

First, you can print the player worksheets and any player just put their prediction in their sheets. And you can appoint yourself or someone to collect all the prediction information and put it in the player worksheets.

Second, You can share this spreadsheet using the sharing menu in your microsoft excel program. But, it will only work if your computers are connected each other. Put this spreadsheet in one computer or a server which strong enough to be accessed by 25 players at the same time.

I quoted how to share a workbook from microsoft excel help menu:
– On the Tools menu, click Share Workbook, and then click the Editing tab.
– Select the Allow changes by more than one user at the same time check box, and then click OK.
-When prompted, save the workbook.
-On the File menu, click Save As, and then save the workbook on a network location accessible to the intended users. Use a shared network folder, not a Web server.

In the player worksheets, there are two big boxes. The left box is your prediction box where you can put your score prediction. The right box is the real result box where the match will be appeared once you fill the result in tournament worksheet.

You can also see the point you earned on the top side of the right box everytime the real result is typed.

There is two shortcut link on top of its player worksheets, so you can jump directly to player scoreboard worksheet to see points of any players or jump directly to player leaderboard worksheet to see your rank or your position against other players.

World Cup 2010 Leaderboard

And there is a language translation and timezone conversion available where you can change your country language and timezone before you start the game. Just go to the tournament worksheet and change it from the top left column on that worksheet.

Feel free to try and test this worksheets. It will be more easier to understand how to use it if you simulated your pool prediction.

That’s all guys. You can download the file below. Enjoy…

  World Cup 2010 Office Pool (548.4 KiB, 10,737 hits)