Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the duration of the tasks against the progression of time where it usually represent a project schedule and achievement. Some people are creating Gantt chart in Microsoft Excel to simplify their project, but with lack of ready-made duration calculation, the Gantt chart created in Excel usually only being used to just show time progress only. That is one reason I created my own Gantt chart. I need a Gantt chart that can be adjusted to represent a project with 5,6 or 7 days duration per week. And it is flexible enough to adjust the duration by entering end date information or just week duration. And I didn’t found that kind of Excel Gantt chart in internet. People just suggested to use Microsoft Office Project for that purposes.

Gantt Chart

Basic Gantt Chart Template

I finished this Gantt chart a month ago. You can use this template if you just need a basic task bar chart to map your project plan.

It is a single worksheet template with guidance to use it are as follows :
1. Fill your project name in project name row
2. Fill your project description in project description row
3. Fill your project start date in start date row
4. Select your project period reference by ticking end date or number of weeks row. And fill the needed information in the row where you tick your reference. The blue cell is shown up to remind you that this cell doesn’t need to be filled because it contain formula that will calculate the projected end date or number of weeks based on your input.
5. Select your working days. There are three options available there, Monday – Friday (5 days), Monday – Saturday (6 days) and Monday – Sunday (7 days). This information needed to calculate your project week duration (WD), days completed (DC) and days remain (DR). And it will be used also to give you the correct holidays mark inside the chart.
6. Activate/Deactivate today’s marker by selecting yes or no in the today’s marker cell. If you activate today’s marker, you will see a blue color in today’s date cell inside the chart.
7. Activate/Deactivate holiday’s marker by selecting yes or no in the holiday’s marker cell. This is not a national holiday marker, this is just holiday marker based on your working days preference.

After finishing step 1 to 7, basically you already setup your Gantt chart. The next step is filled the chart with your project detail. In the chart, just fill Level, Task, PIC, Start Date and Finish Date column. The remaining column will be filled by itself. I put sample project in the template to ease you understand my Gantt chart. And this Gantt chart is full of conditional formatting format to adjust the layout automatically. Feel free to do some experiment with this template to see the result based on your input. There are three type of Gantt chart I created for you to choose.

Gantt Chart Weekly

Gantt Chart with Day Column

You will see that there is a date on top of each column inside the Gantt chart. You can download the file here.

Gantt Chart with Week Column

This Gantt chart hides the date information, so the chart will be shorter. You can download the file here.


Excel 207 Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart with More Custom Features

I have created a new Gantt Chart template that require Excel 2007 for Windows and Excel 2008 for Mac. And following the update of my Gantt Chart template for excel 2007/2010, as you can download below, I have created the premium edition of this template. Why don’t I give it for free? There are several reasons to answer those questions. I have seen some websites are selling excel templates using my protected formulas or selling my excel templates that has been modified, without my permission. So, if they can make money from my templates, why can’t I make it, too? And by creating commercial templates, I believe I can support you better, since plenty of people are asking about my support from my free templates that I couldn’t provide due to my time limitation.

Below are brief description about features and how to use this template :
Holiday List Worksheet
A worksheet to put your country holiday and your company official holiday dates. There are 24 holiday dates can be entered.
Date: Enter your holiday dates
Holiday: Enter your holiday short description.

Gantt Chart Worksheet
There are 2 big areas in this worksheet. Those area are setting at the left side of the worksheet and Gantt Chart area. I put the setting on the left side of this worksheet to ease you seeing the effect of changing your setting in Gantt Chart area.

Setting Area
Date Information
Start Date: Enter your project start date here
End Date:
> End Date: Select this type, and enter your date, if your project has a fixed end date
> Week Period: Select this type, and enter your week period, if your project has a fixed week period
Working Days:
Do not tick anything if your workdays is from Monday to Friday, tick Saturday if your workdays is until Saturday and tick Saturday and Sunday if you work without holidays.
Today’s Date (Set Today’s Date marker to “Yes” to reveal the date marker inside Gantt Chart):
> Actual: Select this type, if you want to refer today’s date with actual today’s date
> User Defined: Select this type, and enter your specific date, if you want to refer today’s date with your date other than actual date

Date Marker
> Function: to mark today’s date on gantt chart. There will be a blue border color surrounding the area below corresponding date.
> How to activate: Type of select “Yes”
> Function: to mark holiday’s date on gantt chart. There will be red and orange solid color in your gantt chart to mark it as non working days (red color) and  country holidays (orange color)
> How to activate: Type of select “Yes”
Passing Days:
> Function: to view the progress and mark the number of days that has been passed from the beginning of any tasks until today’s date.  There will be a gray solid color revealed on corresponding dates.
> How to activate: Type of select “Yes”

There is no option in lite edition. The Gantt Chart will show a 52-week period with weekly scroll bar.

Gantt Chart Area
The top part of this are is a place to input you project initial information
Project Name: Enter your Project Name here
Description: Enter your Project Description here
Leader: Enter your Project Leader here

The second part below project description information is the part where you can see your project timeframe information that has been set in setting area. You can see your Start Date, End Date, Project Length and Displayed Week Period. There is a scroll bar at the bottom left side where you can scroll it left or right to move between week period.

Below project time frame part, there is a table to write your project plan. The first 5 columns in this chart (Level, Task, Assignment, Start Date and Finish Date) are the area to populate this chart.
Level: Type the level based on WBS or Non WBS level as you have set in Setting area
Tasks: Type or write a short description your employee tasks
Assignment: Select your employee name (To add new employee name, go to Employee name worksheet)
Start Date: Type your task start date
Finish Date: Type your task finish date
After finishing all of your information in the first 5 columns, you will see a task bar revealed. You can set the markers in Setting area to enable or disable date color markers
Working Days: This column will show you a real working day within any task period by calculating the number of working days based on your working days selection and  holidays.
Finish Date Realization: Enter your actual finish date if you want to see your task completion performance. The ahead of/behind schedule will show you the dates based on your information. It will give you “check” warning if your date is beyond task period
Remaining WD (Workdays): The formula inside this column will calculate the remaining days left to complete the task.

There are some notes that you have to put attention when you are running this template:
> The weekday in the chart is begin Monday
> The date below W# corresponds with the first date of the week
> Maximum rows/tasks available to be entered is 100 tasks
> A new row will be revealed automatically if you type a level
> A number of week should be different with window week due to window  week always start on Monday, and week could start in any day
> Do not insert new rows if you want to insert a new task. It will break the formula. Copy the tasks and paste it one row below. And you can type a new one.
> The date format is included with day name information to remind you about what day it is when you enter dates
> Some parts/worksheets are protected with password.

The ones that you download below are the lite version. I made the premium version which has been added many tools to ease your planning tasks.

Gantt Chart Template Lite – Week V3.12 Get it from CNET!

Below are other templates with different task bar arrangement.

  Project Gantt Chart Template - Day V3.13 (188.5 KiB, 30,023 hits)

And here is the Macintosh version, but it also runs well in Windows environment

  Project Gantt Chart Template for Mac - Team - Day V3.13 (174.3 KiB, 2,302 hits)

  Project Gantt Chart Template for Mac - Team - Week V3.13 (168.3 KiB, 2,408 hits)