Employee Time Sheet Manager

This is an employee time sheet manager which could help you manage and track your employee’s time attendance. Based on previous timesheet templates which being used to track employee’s time in a single piece of paper, I put automatic function in this new template to make you generate timesheets as well as recording it in one excel file easily. The free template that you can download below is limited to cover one year period of tracking and accommodate until maximum 25 employees.

Employee Time Sheet Manager for Microsoft Excel

You can follow the short guidance below to start utilizing this template.

Set Spreadsheet Parameter
Go to Setup worksheet, and
1. Type your company attendance starting period
2. Select your company workdays in a week (in Lite version you can only choose Saturday and Sunday as additional workdays, while the Pro version will allow you to select/deselect any days in a week)
3. Define your company absence parameter
4. Specify your company regular/normal working hour per day
5. Type your country or company official holiday dates

Input Employee Information
Go to Employee Info worksheet and put your employee’s ID, name, title, department, hired date, resign date, and their hourly rate for normal/regular hour, overtime and absence (if any). Leave the first two column, Employee Sheet and No columns, because this column will show employee’s timesheet links and no automatically.

Generate Blank Timesheet
There is a “Create Blank Timesheet” link in this worksheet which will bring you to the blank timesheet generator worksheet that you can customize, print and distribute to related employees to be manually filled before being inputted in this excel file.

Go to Employee Info worksheet
1. Click on “edit timesheet” link to go to related employee timesheet.
2. Click on “Create Blank Sheet”
3. Set timesheet parameter (starting date and report period). There is an option to show or hide related employee hourly cost that you can select.
4. Select Employee’s Name

Input Daily Attendance Working Hour
Go to Employee Info worksheet and click on “edit timesheet” link to go to related employee timesheet or you can click on Time Sheet tab.

In this timesheet, you can start to track your employee’s attendance by filling the Time In and Time Out column as well as their absence hour. Before you start typing those time attendance, you can set the allocation absence time for one year period in the right table with absence allocation codes as its reference cells.I put some guidance on each header in comment boxes which will show up when you hover your mouse over those header.

Follow the format below for typing in Time In/Out column
Format : HH:MM (Hour:Minute), example, come at 8 o’clock and break at 1 o’clock, you should type “8:00” and “13:00”
TAH (Total Absence Hour) :
Type the number of absence hour of absence employee
Format : HH:MM (Hour:Minute), example, absence for 4 and half hour, you should type “4:30”

Generate attendance report
There is two types of report that you can generate. A summary attendance report for all employees and an individual attendance report. The first one is a report which will show you a table with list of employee at the left column at the table and their working hour summary at the left part of the table. To generate the report, just select particular year and month and choose overtime to be included if you want to add those time in the report. The latter one will have the report format like a timesheet, except you cannot modify the time in the table. Select employee’s name to reveal their working time on this report. You can customize how it is displayed by changing the starting date and report period parameter.

Some report features are limited and all worksheets are password protected in lite version. To run it well, it requires Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 running on Windows OS or Microsoft Excel 2011 running on Mac OS.

  Employee Time Sheet Manager Lite V1.53 (1.1 MiB, 14,276 hits)

You can play around with those timesheets. There is a Pro version that you can purchase if you think you need to extend the program to cover 3 years monitoring period and accommodate until 250 employees.

Excelindo Employee Time Sheet Manager Pro Edition
Multi User License (Allowed to use within one company)
(All shown worksheets are editable)

US$ 19.99 Buy Now

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