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2014/2015 UEFA Champions League Fixtures and Scoresheet

Posted on September 4, 2014
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The first match of 2014/2015 Champions League will start on 16th September 2014 where Real Madrid will try to defend its title against Switzerland club, FC Basel. They are still one of a favorite team, as always, eventhough they have lost Angel di Maria and Xabi Alonso. Yes, they have added Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez, who performed really well in last World Cup 2014 campaign. But, Real Madrid run in Spanish La Liga in the first 2 matches was far from impressive. Ok, it is to early to judge them, so let’s see how it will be ended.

There is no new features added in this 2014/2015 Champions League Fixtures and Scoresheet. I have just replaced all team in those 8 groups from previous season spreadsheet with new teams which has been grouped based on UEFA drawing on 28th August 2014 in Monaco.

2014/2015 UEFA Champions League Schedule and Scoresheet

To use this spreadsheet is simple, type the score in score boxes in those 96 group matches. And when all matches are finished by 10th December 2014, the group winners and runner ups will be placed in drawing table at right side of Group Stages worksheet. Based on round of 16 drawing, put number “1”, “2”, until “8” in each winner and runner up drawing match boxes (cells with blue color) to form a pairing match between those two where it will also automatically place them in quarterfinals bracket in Knock Out phase worksheet.

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2014/2015 European League Fixtures and Scoresheets

Posted on September 3, 2014
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By the time I released these European Soccer Leagues spreadsheets, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 already started their Football League Competition. Since 2008, the first time I released my first spreadsheets for those leagues, there are many changes have been made. From standard spreadsheets created using Excel 2003, where you just entered the score in a long fixture scoresheet, into a more sophisticated spreadsheet, thanks to new features in Excel 2007, which made me could implement my thoughts without any limitation. And there are also a football country shifting in European Leagues. In 2008, England still ruled UEFA country rank, followed by Spain, Italy, Germany and France to round up the top 5. Now, Spain is topping all European countries. Atletico and Real Madrid has met in 2014 Champions League final to strengthen Spain supremacy in Europe. They are followed by England, Germany, Portugal and Italy as the top 5 countries in 2014. In this post, I created a spreadsheet for Portugal league. Portugal has a different tie-breaker regulation where the regulation order is not supported by my Soccer League Creator yet. I will try to add more tie-breaker regulation options for next year. I saw also that Russia and Ukraina, both countries are within UEFA top ten football countries, are having different tie-breaker regulation order that hasn’t been supported yet.

2014/2015 European Football League Fixtures and Scoresheets

Below are football league spreadsheets for 6 countries. Please do not ask for 2014/2015 England Premier League, I am not allowed to create it without FA license, which is not cheap.

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Employee Shift Schedule Generator

Posted on August 27, 2014
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Creating a shift schedule could be confusing and time consuming especially if it has to meet a certain criteria, for example, number of shifts, number of people, maximum working hour per week, certain off day, and many other requirements that could be different among different types of companies. The main challenge should be, how to create a comfortable pattern to be implemented to company’s employees that will give them enough rests and maintain their productivity within their working hours to maintain company’s product and service quality on serving clients.

Because it has become major issues among many companies, there are many wellknown shift patterns have been designed by experts to help those companies solve the issues. Some are very popular and widely used in many industries.

Employee Shift Schedule Planner for Excel

Here, I didn’t create an excel template to generate a new shift pattern or formula. I just adopted common patterns and map it into a 52 week shift schedule (lite version is only accommodate 4 week shift schedule). This template should help you finding the most suitable shift plan and map your employees into a printable shift schedule and distribute it to your employees within minutes. And if you can’t find one, there is a custom shift plan feature that will allow you to create your own pattern. It should remove your duty works on planning from the scratch.

It is more suitable for small scale industries where the companies have no more than 200 employees and want to implement simple shift patterns. If you are working in a big company with more than 200 employees, I don’t think this template is a good fit for your needs. Using more sophisticated software should be more beneficial for you where those software should help you not just to plan a suitable shift schedule but also will help you managing all shift schedule related activities, such as attendance related activities.

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