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World Cup 2014 Office Pool

Posted on March 3, 2014
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Following the release of World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet, I created another template, World Cup 2014 Office Pool, that is ready to be downloaded now. I made some changes and add some features based on feedback I received from you who used my previous Euro 2012 pool template. Features included options to exclude extra time and penalty shoot out in knock out stages match result. And, there are separate leaderboards for group and knock out stages which will give you some flexibilities on managing your game in this tournament.

World Cup 2014 Sweepstake Spreadsheet

You can follow short guidance below to use this spreadsheet :

Go to Setup worksheet. This is a worksheet where you have to setup all the parameter before you play the game.
There is a filename box. It will be used if you plan to rename the file as another name. And remember not to forget replacing it if you have saved the filename as another name or you cannot move between individual player tabs.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Sweepstake Setup

Go to Group Stages Prediction part
Set points for any prediction results. You can change the default points based on your own criteria.
o Point for correct match result (win-draw-loss) with correct score prediction
o Point for correct match result (win-loss) with correct score difference prediction or correct draw prediction only
o Point for correct match result (win-loss) prediction only

Go to Knock Out Stages Prediction part
You can set points differently on any knock out stages. The point classification remains the same with previous classification in Group stages. But, in this knock out round stages, you will option to include/exclude extra time and penalty kick scores as part of your game. For example, if you want all of your players to predict only normal time results, you can exclude both options and points will be given based on those options.

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World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet

Posted on March 2, 2014
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Perhaps, this is the template that you might be waiting for. This is a FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet that you can use to record all World Cup football matches results which will be held in Brazil, in June 2014. Actually, I have finished this template in December 2013, but I decided to create several models of schedule and scoresheet templates.

World Cup 2014 Schedule and Scoresheet – New Template
This is a new template, release at 1st April 2014. I received some feedback regarding a plain layout of my original template and asked me to create more attractive layout. Then, here it is. I made major changes in its layout, as you can see in picture below. Hope you’ll like it.

Excel World Cup 2014 Schedule with Knock Out Bracket

As you can see  above, I re-designed the knock out stages layout, from table model to bracket model. I put some dummy scores to show you how it looks when the tournament is ended. Other changes are :
> Venue information : There are venue information which will inform you the city where the match is played
> Feature to highlight group, country and venue matches : You can highlight some of group matches based on one or those three parameter. Just delete your selection to remove the highlight
> Feature to add your own language : There is additional worksheet where you can translate the English language used in Tournament worksheet into your own language. Select CUSTOM in language selection before translate it. Don’t use the same country name which already available in language selection or the formula in tournament worksheet will get confused.
> Group color mark in knock out stages. Those 8 Groups will have different color. You can see the color in their standing table header. This color will be placed in knock out stages to inform you from which group the country that advance into the next round.
> There is only two type of box scores in this knock out bracket. Normal/Extra time and Penalty Kick box score. If the matches are ended in normal and extra time period, type the total score in those green boxes. The penalty kick box score will appear if the score until extra time is draw. Enter penalty shoot out result in those pink boxes to reveal the winner.

There are two spreadsheets with different knock out brackets. One spreadsheet with direct team name to replace group winners/runner ups bracket, and the other one with empty bracket that you might need if you want to print it and fill it manually. It is up to you to choose which one that you want to use for this tournament.

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2014 Calendar

Posted on October 10, 2013
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We will enter year 2014 within 3 months. Many people have already started to make a plan for next year. And for soccer fans, it will become a year where they can watch 32 best soccer nations in the world fighting for a World Cup 2014 trophy. And this time, it will be held in Brazil,  in June – July period. So, if you plan to go there or just want to watch in front of your television without any disturbance, you should start planning it now. These 2014 calendar templates should help you manage it in simple way.

There are several models of 2014 calendar templates you can choose to suit your needs since they are created to accommodate any kind of needs, for example planning your family vacation, planning your wedding, planning your company events, etc. And, to ease you choosing the suitable one, below is a short description of each type of those calendars :

1. 2014 Calendar with notes in one page

One Page 2014 Calendar with Notes


This is a calendar where you can have both dates and notes in the same page. Each month will have 8 rows of notes that you can filled with your own events, holidays or reminders where each category will have different color marking. To differentiate the markings, just type letter E, H or R at the rightside of each note table. This calendar is more suitable for you who doesn’t have much events in one year and if you have one, the events is only take one-two days.

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