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Invoice Creator

Posted on March 21, 2015
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I planned to publish this Invoice Creator template last year. But, several projects have delayed the completion of this excel template.  I used different approach on creating this template compared with other excel invoice templates you might find in other places. But, it is still following the main concept of an invoice, as a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the services, products, quantities, and agreed prices. It consists of a payment term and due date as agreed by both parties. Big companies usually have their own financial/accounting softwares where producing invoices are parts of their software abilities. So, if you are representing a big company, I think this template is not the correct one for you.

Invoice Creator Template for Excel

This invoice template will be useful for you who manage invoices manually by using Microsoft Excel or Word and needs additional tool to help you cutting your time on using those Office Suites. And also, you can customize this template easily to suit your business needs. Several type of businesses that could use this invoice creator are consultant business that offers hourly service to their customers, like IT related/programming consultant and law consultant, baby sitter services, private or public courses, freelance services, plumbing services, car repair services, photography services and many more.

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Daily and Hourly Reservation Calendars for Any Purposes

Posted on March 17, 2015
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6 years ago, I created several reservation calendar templates for hotel, cars, ballroom business where the excel templates are not protected where you can modify it to suit your own business. There were some requests arrived to my inbox asking about customization where at that time I didn’t have time to fulfill it. Just one month ago I tried to summarize all of those requests and started to create a more general reservation calendar where people don’t have to tweak the formulas, and put several options where people can customize it easily. Perhaps, my new reservation calendar will only fulfill 80% of those requests, because I didn’t create any features beyond reservation functions. There is no guest management function when they stay in the hotel. If you need an all-in-one guest management software, this one shouldn’t be your option. This one is aimed to hotel, aparment, car rental or other small businesses with 100 rooms or 100 cars who need to manage their guest/customer reservation with Microsoft Excel. But, you can use all the recorded booking information to create your own report¬† either for your own needs or to be represented to your hotel owner.

Daily Booking Calendar for Excel

Microsoft always does development on Microsoft Excel which generates incompatibility among different Excel version, especially if the spreadsheets used VBA/macro codes. At the beginning, I assumed it is more safe if I used built-in Form and Active-X Control functions since it is available as part of Excel built-in functions. But, I found some of those built-in codes have problems in Microsoft Excel 2013. So, I decided not to use those built in functions again and replace it with a more safer dropdown list (for options) and there will be no scrolling button. It will make the spreadsheet looks like a big table, but it will be safer for you to move between different Excel version as well as different Operating System.

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Match Scheduler and Fixture Generator for Sport League Competition

Posted on March 12, 2015
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Several months ago, there are several people asking for fixture generator and match scheduler that is designed specifically for sports other than soccer that played in number of sets and require 2 or 3 sets to decide the winner, where it is common in volleyball, tennis, table tennis and many more. Because these sports are usually played in single place, for example in one venue with several courts, there will be no need of home and away matches arrangement. Also, one team should play other team more than twice within one league period. This feature isn’t supported in my Soccer League Creator. For the past 2 weeks, I tried to simulate this league and try to modify my League Creator, but it looks like this additional features require more excel and computer resources to process all needed calculation. So, I decided to drop almost all of scoresheet and standing features and focus on creating fixtures generator that generate matches between the same team more than twice and add more flexible matches arrangement in this new Sport League Fixtures Generator and Match Scheduler.

Volleyball Tennis Fixture Generator Match Scheduler Sample for ExcelBecause of tie-breaker rule nature between soccer and set matches, I created 2 models that you can use. One model is designed specifically for soccer matches, the other model is designed specifically for game-set-match type of sports.

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