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2014 Calendar

Posted on October 10, 2013
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We will enter year 2014 within 3 months. Many people have already started to make a plan for next year. And for soccer fans, it will become a year where they can watch 32 best soccer nations in the world fighting for a World Cup 2014 trophy. And this time, it will be held in Brazil,  in June – July period. So, if you plan to go there or just want to watch in front of your television without any disturbance, you should start planning it now. These 2014 calendar templates should help you manage it in simple way.

There are several models of 2014 calendar templates you can choose to suit your needs since they are created to accommodate any kind of needs, for example planning your family vacation, planning your wedding, planning your company events, etc. And, to ease you choosing the suitable one, below is a short description of each type of those calendars :

1. 2014 Calendar with notes in one page

2014 Calendar Portrait with Notes 837x1024 2014 Calendar


This is a calendar where you can have both dates and notes in the same page. Each month will have 8 rows of notes that you can filled with your own events, holidays or reminders where each category will have different color marking. To differentiate the markings, just type letter E, H or R at the rightside of each note table. This calendar is more suitable for you who doesn’t have much events in one year and if you have one, the events is only take one-two days.

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UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Posted on October 3, 2013
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UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 has started. Two group matches have been played in Group matches by the time I publish this template. There will be no conclusion can be made from two matches. The knock out round door is still wide open for any team that participate in this tournament. Will it be any surprises this year? Will Chelsea eliminated again in Group phase? Will Bayern Munich following Chelsea path by being eliminated in Group stage as reigning champion? By December, all people questions will be answered when all Group matches are played and top two of each group are revealed.

UEFA Champions League 2013 2014 V1.55 791x1024 UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet
UEFA Champions League 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet

I have made a slight adjustment in this template based on new regulation applied on knock out round. Basically, the new regulation is implemented in last 2012/2013 Champions League competition, but I didn’t notice it. This is just minor adjustment because you still can use the old one to emulate this year competition. In this new regulation,  semifinal pairing team matches will be decided by drawing after quarterfinal matches are played. So, I made minor adjustment by arranging the drawing box for semifinal matches next to quarterfinal drawing box.

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2013/2014 European Soccer League Fixtures and Scoresheets

Posted on October 2, 2013
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This is a 2013/2014 European Soccer League templates for League Competition in Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too late to make it available, because there are 6-7 matches have been played in those countries by the time I post it. I have filled those matches results so you don’t have to type it and you can see the current performance of your favorite teams in those dashboards.

Italian Serie A 2013 2014 1024x418 2013/2014 European Soccer League Fixtures and Scoresheets
Italian Serie A 2013/2014 Fixture and Scoresheet Dashboard
Spanish La Liga 2013 2014 1024x421 2013/2014 European Soccer League Fixtures and Scoresheets
Spanish La Liga 2013/2014 Fixtures and Scoresheet Dashboard

Based on current results you can see that in Italy, AS Roma has surprised everyone by grabbing the top spot in serie A. In Spain, Barcelona still looked strong by seating in the first place. But, they are not alone. They has to share it with… Atletico Madrid. Where is Real Madrid? They stay in 3rd position. In Germany, Bayern Munich is also sharing their first position with Borussia Dortmund where Dortmund doesn’t show any sign of weaknesses after losing Mario Goetze. In France, it looked like that Monaco investment, especially on Radamel Falcao, is paid off. They are leading Ligue 1 and sharing their place with Paris Saint Germain. But, it is just 6-7 matches that have been passed. It is still a long way to go for any teams to be crowned as champions. Eventhough the competition will be ended around May 2014, the sooner any teams fate are cleared the better for the players who selected in their national teams to get some rests before entering World Cup 2014.

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