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Restaurant Reservations

Posted on September 12, 2009
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Following my reservation spreadsheets on hotel, car, and banquet hall which based on day reservations, this reservation spreadsheet is based on hour reservation. The basic reservation scheme is the same, but I put tables number, smoking and non-smoking preferences, and table capacities as parameters in this spreadsheet. But, the formula will work only on the table number.

restaurant2 Restaurant Reservations

This spreadsheet consists of two worksheets. To customize this spreadsheet, go into availability worksheet and put your tables information in table type, capacity, and table number columns. And you can custom the display of reservation time here, by change the time step value (in minutes). After you finished entering all information, you can go to restaurant reservation worksheet to start your reservation log. You can custom the column in this worksheet except the table number because this is the reference of the formula. Once you fill the reservation or you want to see the reservation information, go back to the availability worksheet and slide the date to the date of reservation.

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Amortization Schedule Calculator

Posted on September 12, 2009
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This calculator is one of the most popular calculator that you can find in many internet websites either online or in excel file. Any banks or financial institution usually provide this tool in their websites to ease their customers calculating their loan schemes before deciding to make a loan.

Why this calculator is important ? Because of the interest calculation for loan some money from the bank or financial institution is not a simple calculation. Most of the people, like me, in the beginning just knowing that if they loan some money for some period of time, say 5 years, will think that after they pay regularly for 2.5 years, the principal will become half of the money they borrowed. But, the reality is not. They still owe more than half of the money they borrowed. Because the calculation, where it is common in all countries, will make they pay interests first rather than make the principal and interest in equal treatment. And this is some kind of strategy to make they pay their loan until the end. So, you have to carefully calculate and compare any loan schemes before you deciding to have some loan.

Amortization schedule Amortization Schedule Calculator

Microsoft Excel put many financial formulas in its software. So, you can just use it. And I didn’t anything special in this spreadsheet. I just implement the formula. I made this to teach my nephew who take finance and accounting school on using excel built-in financial formula to help her understanding loan and mortgage concept.

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Champions League Fixtures 2009/2010

Posted on August 29, 2009
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Finally, the UEFA Champions League 2009/2010 participant teams are completed. And all teams already grouped based on the drawing yesterday. It will be interesting to see how AC Milan will handle their former star, Kaka, who are in opponent side, Real Madrid. And it will be exciting to see how Ibrahimovic and Samuel Eto’o who switch team in this season duel in home and away matches between Barcelona, the reigning champion, and Internazionale.

There are plenty surprising transfer moves in this year, and involving many teams that participating in this Champions League. So, watching this season Champions League matches will be very exciting.

champions league 003 Champions League Fixtures 2009/2010

I made this Champions League fixtures template because of the tie breaking rules that applied in group phase is much more complex than Euro 2008 tie rules (it is a tempting challenge for me actually), where all teams will play against the same teams twice in home and away matches where away goals are important when teams are sharing the same points.

After finishing the group phases, all teams will be drawed again to find its opponent in the first round knock out phase. There is a rule where every group winner and runner up cannot meet in this round and also teams from the same country also cannot meet in this round.

And after all first round matches are completed and eight winners are revealed, all teams will be drawed again to find its opponent in quarter finals. And drawing for semi finals will be also done here. So, in this time each teams will know clearly who are their opponent in the path to become the champion.

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