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Rugby World Cup 2015 Office Pool

Posted on August 22, 2015
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This is a 2015 Rugby World Cup Office Pool template you can use to organize your world cup prediction game among your friends, colleagues and relatives. It is created specifically for this tournament and I made plenty of modification as well as added more game options compared with my previous soccer world cup office pool.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Office Pool TemplateIn this spreadsheet, you can choose either applying round-by-round or set-and-forget prediction game. Round-by-round prediction game is suitable for you who organize a small group of people and have time to follow every matches and give prediction based on real team matches, while set-and-forget prediction game is suitable for you who organize a large number of people who give prediction once and see their prediction results by the end of the tournament. The latter will make certain players can’t continue until the final because their teams might be eliminated either in group or knock out stages which prevent them to get more points. Anyway, it is all up to you to choose the most suitable one. Because of this new scheme, each player prediction will be calculated separately to produce their prediction group winners and runner ups to be compared with real group winners and runner ups.

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2016 Calendars

Posted on August 13, 2015
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These are 2016 Calendar templates in Excel that you might have been waiting for. I added several new models in this calendar pack where it might suit with your custom needs.

2016 Calendars - Excel
One Page 2016 Yearly Calendars
These are the basic calendars you might have used it for years since these models are the first models I have created. 2014 calendar model has month starting from Sunday only, 2015 calendar model has month starting in Sunday and Monday in 2 separate calendars. In this new 2016 calendar, I combine those 2 separate spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet where you can type events in one worksheet and select which calendar worksheet with different starting day you want to select and print. I added more rows on single event date columns where you can type until 70 dates per event. Read more

Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet

Posted on August 10, 2015
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This is a Rugby World Cup 2015 spreadsheet you can use to see its tournament schedule and use it as a scoresheet. It is equipped with formulas that will rank all participants in its Pool automatically based on rules specified in its tournament rule document. This is my first spreadsheet created specifically for Rugby. The layout is based on my Soccer World Cup 2014 spreadsheet. I modified excel formula inside to accommodate 5 team per Pool and add new rank columns to accommodate additional ranking method which based on Tries where you won’t find it in soccer tournament. If you like soccer as well as rugby, and you already use my soccer spreadsheets, you won’t have any problem on using this template.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule and Scoresheet

2015 Rugby World Cup tournament is scheduled to commence on 18th September 2015 and it will be finished by 31st October 2015. It will be hosted by England. 20 teams/countries are participated in this tournament where they will be divided into 4 Pools. Each pool will have 5 teams that will compete each other in a single round robin to become the top 2 teams that will qualify for quarterfinals round as well as automatic tickets to 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament. The third team in each group will be eliminated but will get a ticket for the next 2019 Rugby World Cup tournament as well while the remaining two teams in 4th and 5th position will go home empty handed.

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