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New Year’s Resolution

Posted on October 18, 2012
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A New Year’s resolution is defined as personal goals, projects, new habit being committed by people in anticipation of the New Year. A new year always being marked as a time to open a new chapter of everybody’s life, where they plan to be a better person or to get a better life, in terms of quality or wealthiness.

New Year's Resolution template

But, trying to commit those goals is not as easy as writing it in a piece of paper :). A study by Richard Wisemen (University of Bristol), in 2007, showed that 88% New Year’s resolutions has failed to be achieved, despite the fact that 52% of respondents were confident of success at the beginning. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t have to worry about writing your new goals. With goals, you will always have something to be pursued while sailing through the new year regardless the results you will have by the end of that year.

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Employee Attendance Planner and Tracker

Posted on October 16, 2012
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The free attendance calendar template is one of my popular excel templates which has been downloaded over 100,000 times since I released it three years ago. There are many requests came to my email about possibility to do template customization to suit their company needs which I couldn’t fulfilled due to my time limitation. But, I have kept those requests and feedback to create a more general employee attendance calendar template which could meet 90% of those requirement.

Employee Attendance Planner and Tracker

And here it is, the new employee attendance planner and tracker template which is created with the same style with my previous Gantt Chart and Soccer League templates. If you have downloaded those lite templates, you will be familiar with the worksheets structure :).

I have to make a different post for this template because there are many improvement have been made over the old one. I believe this template should help you ease your employee attendance recording job where it will automatically help you calculate it employee by employee where you can further analyze it to evaluate your employee performance.

I made two versions, lite and pro version, where the lite one is free, and you have to purchase a pro one if you want to upgrade it. The lite one only accommodate maximum 25 employees, 12-month period, four absence codes, Saturday/Sunday non working days selection and no layout customization, while the pro one can accommodate until 250 employees, 36-month period, eight absence codes, any non working days selection and layout customization.

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UEFA Champions League 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet

Posted on September 2, 2012
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UEFA has just released the Group matches schedules of UEFA Champions League 2012/2013 based on drawing results on 30 August 2012. From all 8 groups, group D seems to become a group of death where Real Madrid, Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund and Ajax will fight each other to become the top two team in this Group D.

UEFA Champions League 2012/2013 Fixtures

And following the release of those schedule, I have created the new version of UEFA Champions League 2012/2013 Fixtures and Scoresheet where I made a few modification. In this new template, I provide an Individual Team Information where you can see a brief stats of particular team and its schedule in calendar  layout. Just select your team, and you will see :
– Its current standing in its group
– Its fixtures, from group until final, with conclusion after its stages (eliminated from Group Stages, lost because away goals etc), as you can see in the screenshot.
– Its history for the past five years (I haven’t finished it, perhaps you can complete it by typing in team history worksheet :) )
– Its fixtures in calendar view, and there is a color marker description below its calendar.

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