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Soccer League Creator

Posted on August 25, 2012
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After 3 years of creating some major European league competition template for excel with the same layout, I thought about making new ones with more features, for example, add information about any teams previous matches, display any team matches in calendar form, etc. And, while thinking of re-designing the layout, there was an idea to make a tool which can be used to generate any soccer league tournament or to be used to map any of league competition around the world. And this Soccer League Creator Template for excel is a result of those thoughts. With this tool, I can easily create those Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and Dutch Eredivisie without touching the codes inside excel. And if you run your own soccer league, either real soccer competition or just playstation soccer competition, this tool will simplify your matches arrangement process.  You can speed up the process by entering your custom parameters, for example, points value for win, lose and draw, season start date, matches cycle (from daily until biweekly), team names, etc, and this tool will do the rest.

Excelindo Soccer League Creator Pro with Fixtures Generator V2.0 1024x573 Soccer League Creator

This tool also suitable for you who want to map your country or local league competition. Use the Soccer League Creator without fixtures generator version, and you can easily map your competition manually. There are some European League competition samples that you can download in this site to see how this tool works. But remember, you are not allowed to map any league competition under England FA, such as Premier League, or within Great Britain territory since you have to pay for a license to map those fixtures.

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Men’s Olympic Football Tournament 2012 Schedule

Posted on July 14, 2012
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While I was preparing the new excel template for European League Fixtures, there were some requests of providing the Men’s Olympic¬† Football Tournament 2012 Schedule which held in London, England. So, I learned the schedule and the tie-breaker regulation for that tournament, and the tournament has the same number of teams (16), almost the same group tie-breaker regulation, and has one match more, compare with Euro 2012 tournament. That one match is a match to fight for bronze medal, or third position of the tournament.

Olympic Football Tournament 2012 Schedule Men with Flag V3.21 786x1024 Mens Olympic Football Tournament 2012 Schedule

Based on those facts, I decided to create Men’s Olympic Football 2012 Match Schedule and Scoresheet based on my Euro 2012 template. There are not much works I put on this spreadsheet. I have just changed the country names, the flag images, and adjusted some translations. I have added new boxes for group drawing lots, third position match and Olympic medal result. There is only one box I prepared for drawing lots with assumption that the possibility of getting the group rank decided by this method is rare. But, I will provide more boxes if it is needed, later. And based on some feedback on language translation, I provide custom language translation table where you can fill your own language.

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Formula 1 2012 Pool

Posted on June 25, 2012
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Fernando Alonso have succeeded to become the first driver who lift the race trophy twice after 8 races by winning the Europe race in Valencia, Spain. It wasn’t easy for him to start from 11th position to become a winner in this 2012 season where almost all teams and drivers are having the same chance to become the race winner.

There were 7 different winners and 7 different fastest-lap drivers after 8 races. With those results, it won’t be easy to predict 2012 F1 Champion, and the next 12 races should entertain us more.

F1 2012 Pool Formula 1 2012 Pool

Following my football pool template, I have created a pool template for Formula-1 race. And with unpredictable winners on every races, it will be challenging to predict upcoming races results. I think it isn’t too late to start the pool, since there will be 12 more races to go.

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