Grocery List

Based on several online dictionaries, a grocery list is defined as a list of heterogenous items that someone wants. Grocery list become popular because it is very rare that somebody can remember many items that he/she has to buy while shopping in a store or a mart. And usually, this list is important while people do their weekly or monthly shopping for their family/household needs.

If you search “grocery list” term in google, you will find many website offering ready made or printable grocery lists. And there are some websites offering you how to create your grocery list online.

This excel template is basically a grocery list maker, where you can put all of your grocery item in one worksheet, select items that you want to buy, and the other worksheet will adjust your selection into a printable grocery list.

Grocery List Template

Guidance on how to use this grocery list template is as follow :
1. Go into “Item pool” worksheet. I already put many grocery item inside for your reference. You can click the picture below to enlarge it.

Item List Pool
2. Put all of your grocery item in Item list column, and if you have category for your item, put your item category in the same column and put word “Cat” next to the item category name in Cat column and all the color in corresponding row will reveal automatically to differentiate between item category name and item name.
3. If you have price references for your item, you can put your item price in five available shopping mart price column, and the unit reference in price reference column. There is extra column at the right side of the item table that will find the cheapest item price and a shopping mart reference where you can shop that item. And also there is a color guidance in those five columns which will mark the cheapest item price.
4. If you have fill all of your item information, you can create your grocery list by selecting your item by filling “v” character in Checklist column. Once you finished filling Checklist column, watch Checklist Item box at the right side, next to the grocery table. You will see number there where you can use as your guidance to print the correct grocery list worksheet. You can see in my example that the number show 174, which mean you should use the worksheet “Grocery List 199” as your grocery list. The number 199, 144 and 84 is the maximum item that will be revealed in the grocery list.
5. I put additional box in those grocery lists worksheet as an empty rows to put your replacement item, if you cannot find your item, or if you want to add other item that you might remember or your kids and husbands wants you to buy something for them while you are already on the way there or already in the store.

You can download the file here.