Biorhythm Chart

Have you ever think that you ruin your day because of your emotion ? Misjudgement ? Made bad decision ? Or have you really upset about your favorite athlete performance ? Or do you want to know what is the right time to propose your fiance ? Some doctor believe that there is a biorhythm cycle that affect human performance, where it started from your birth. They divided the cycle into three categories, i.e physical which cycling every 23 days, emotional which cycling every 28 days and intellectual cycle which cycling every 33 days.


Personally, I am not really believe in this cycle, but sometimes I am just justifying my bad day with this cycle, and usually my bad day corresponds with those three cycles laid at the lowest cycle :-D.

The template I made, just a standard biorhythm tool. To use it, you can type your name in name box, type your birth date in birth date box and type the date where you want to measure your biorhythm. If you found that most of your measurement values are red, you might think that you have bad days… if you are feeling that way. If you found the value are green, you should be more confident on doing your task or compete in sport tournament.

Since this is just a basic tool, you can improve it according to your needs. For example, you can duplicate it to measure your friend biorhythm and compare with your own value, or you can copy it into 5 worksheets, put all your basketball teams and averaging measurement results. Its layout also free to be modified to meet your own style.

You can download it here.