Ovulation Calculator

This a simple ovulation calculator for excel that you can use to find your best ovulation date period. I made the simple one that only give you the next most fertile date result based on your given parameter. This tool should be useful for you who want to plan your pregnancy.

Ovulation Calculator

To use this tool, you can start to fill required data as follows :
– Beginning of your last menstrual cycle,
– Your menstrual cycle period, and
– Your lutheal phase period (the post-ovulatory portion of a woman’s cycle or, the time between when you ovulate, and when you get your period). Common number should be between 11-15.

This calculator will work best for women who have regular menstruation. But, please use this calculator as your side reference only, due to algorithm used is based on statistic. There are still plenty of factors that can affect you to get pregnant. Please consult your doctor if you need further information regarding your fertility.

You can download the file here. You can use it in any Microsoft Excel version without problems. You can personalize it as well.

If you want to have a plan and have it mapped in one full year calendar, you can download an ovulation calendar here.