Calories Burned Calculator

This calories burned calculator is created to ease you calculate how many calories you burned in a day during your daily activities. It is needed when you follow some diet programmes or to maintain your ideal weight by balancing eating and exercising. Besides, there are many questions regarding how many calories that being burned in a day if you do traditional sports like walking, bicycling, or swimming.

Calories Burned Calculator

This tool is basically a database lookup tool where you just put your weight information, select your type of activities and its period, and the calories burned per day for each activities will be displayed automatically. There is a sum formula that will sum all calories burned. I provide until maximum 15 type of activities that can be selected. Use this information as a reference to know the rough number of respective burned calories.

I collected the calories burned per activities per 1 pound from internet. So, I cannot guarantee that the number is 100% correct. You still need to check your doctor, health advisor or your gym trainer to make sure that the number of burned calories is correct for your recurring activities. Remember to balance it with your eating or drink habit to maintenance your health still in a good shape.

You can download the file here.

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