Travel Expenses Daily Tracker

Travel Expenses Tracker

In the era of mobile phones, it is very easy to find an application to help you recording and tracking your expenses while you are going overseas, especially if it is on business purposes where any expenses will be reported back to your office. And having an excel spreadsheet to help you track it will help you for this report purposes as well.

This spreadsheet is just a simple excel template for recording your daily expenses while you are traveling abroad. There is no heavy formula inside, just a simple tracker that I used to track my expenses during my trip to China last October. It is very useful to keep your expenses within your company or personal budget and calculate your remain currency quickly while traveling between one city to another city with different currency. And you can easily modify its format to meet your company report guidelines.

How to use this template is simple, just type your daily expenses in the available column, and if the expenses is change the money to other currency, type the received money in the right column (money changer) column. If you need more rows or columns, you can add them but don’t forget to modify the formula to include them in its final calculation.

You can download the file here.