Shopping List

This excel template is a complete version of my previous grocery list template where in this template I put price and shopping mart consideration in the list to ease you finding the cheapest price of your shopping items or the most cheapest shopping mart for majority of your grocery shopping list items.

Shopping List Template

The guidance on using this shopping list are as follows :
1. Go into “Item pool” worksheet. You can enlarge the screenshot by clicking the item pool worksheet picture below. I put many grocery item samples inside for your references.
2. Put all of your grocery item in Item list column, and put your item category name in the same column but put word “Cat” next to the item category name to differentiate between item category name and item name. Blue color will be revealed automatically to ease you see the difference.
3. Put your item price in five available shopping mart price column, and the unit reference in price reference column. There is extra columns at the right side of the table that will find the cheapest price with its shopping mart. And there is a color guidance in those five columns which will turn the cell of the cheapest item price into blue color.
4. Create your shopping list by filling “v” character for selected item in Checklist column. Once you finished filling Checklist column, watch Checklist Item box at the right side, next to the shopping table. You will see a reference number to guide you printing the correct shopping list worksheet. You can see in my example that the number show 174, which mean you should use the worksheet “Shopping List 195″ as your printable shopping list. The number 195, 140 and 80 is the maximum item that will be revealed in the shopping list worksheet.
5. Select your shopping mart to shop your item. There are six options you can select, based on cheapest price (option 6) or based on your preferred shopping mart.
6. Once you select the shopping mart, you can check the predicted total budget on the total budget box at the bottom right side of in the shopping list worksheets. You can use the information to decide whether you will go from mart to mart to find the cheapest item or just shop in one shopping mart if the price difference is still within your shopping budget.
7. I put additional box in those shopping list worksheets as empty rows to put your replacement item, if you cannot find your item, or if you want to add other item that you might remember or your kids and husbands wants you to buy something for them while you are already on the way there or already in the store.

Shopping List Item

Feel free to modify or adjust the spreadsheet based on your needs and don’t forget to give me any feedback :-). You can download the file here.