Bill Payment Calendar

I created this bill payment calendar based on my weekly calendar spreadsheet. There are some requests about making an automatic bill payment reminder that will be displayed automatically in the calendar based on its recurring dates or days. Usually people have to mark or type their bill due dates on their calendar manually. Or, if you are using my monthly calendar, say if you have to pay once a month, you have to type 12 dates in each columns in setting worksheet to make the calendar display the reminder dates each month.

Bill Payment Calendar

So, using the same approach with that monthly calendar, I created this bill payment organizer that will allow you to organize your bill payments with additional recurring day and dates adjustment formula. But, I choose to create it in weekly calendar first due to limitation concerns. If your due dates which share the same dates are more than five bills, I think this calendar will be your solution. If you want to have the bill reminder for one full month, you can print it four times with four different week period.

This spreadsheet consist of two worksheets. The first worksheet is a bill payment data entry and holiday setup worksheet. In this worksheet, you can type all your bills and select or type its due dates. For example, you have Mastercard credit card that due every 2nd date each month, and then you have to type Mastercard name in Detail column, Credit Card in type column and minimum amount you usually pay. What if the amount is changing each month ? If this is the case, typing the date in fixed date column is a current solution. You can expand the use of this scheduler as a reminder of any bill payments. For example, day reminder of weekly allowance reminder, where you want to have the calendar display the reminder of giving your son weekly allowance every Monday.

Bill Payment Setup

Once you finished entering all of your bill payments or other reminders, you can go to the second worksheet to see how the calendar display your due dates in a week period plus the sum of your bills amount. First, you have to type the start date reference, where it will be used as the sliding bar reference. After that, you can slide right or slide left to customize the weekly period for your printing. There is a red color mark at the date title if the day is Sunday or if the day is a national holiday. You can add more holidays in the first worksheets or modify the holiday since these are US holidays.

There are maximum 20 bills that can be displayed at the same date using this bill payment calendar.

  Bill Payment Calendar V1.3 (1.1 MiB, 90,283 hits)

Advanced Bill Payment Calendar

Due to plenty of requests about more advanced bill payment calendar where people can plan their payment as well as plan their cash flow within one fiscal year, I decided to fulfill it by creating the paid version of this spreadsheet. This new spreadsheet will allow you to enter more detail information about your payment item as well as arranged them automatically on particular dates or days. Once you completed typing all needed information, you can print the calendar filled with your payment plan and amount. There is a year calendar worksheet to see flow of you cash day by day. It should help you organizing your yearly plan better. You can your vacation or renovation time and needed amount some time within one year period and plan how much saving you will get by that time.

You can read more information about it in More Payment Planner worksheet in downloaded spreadsheet above. There are two models of this paid spreadsheet, Monthly and Weekly models. Below are screenshots of Monthly model.

Payment Plan in One Month Calendar View

There are 12 calendar worksheets from January to December you can print to remind you on payment plan that you have arranged.

Monthly Payment Planner - Calendar View

Easy to Plan Income and Expenses Item

You can use this worksheet to fill your income and expenses amount. If they are recurred, you only fill it once. The Excel formula will automatically put the amount in similar dates each month.

Monthly Payment Planner - Input Worksheet

Eye Catching Cash Flow Summary

You can see performance of your cash flow quickly by seeing how your balance are colorized inside this calendar.

Monthly Payment Planner - One Year Cash Flow Summary

As informed, you can read more about it in More Payment Planner worksheet. You can purchase it through the paypal button inside that worksheet.