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First of all, I would like to thank you all on using my templates and giving me some feedbacks. There are many comments and emails come everyday which need to be answered. Since many of them are having similar meanings, I try to compile all similar questions into this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). So, you can read this FAQ below before submitting your questions.

1. How can I download your template ?
I usually put the link for downloading the template at the end of my post with bold word “here”. You click it or right-click and save-as to start download the file.

2. Why can’t I download the file ?
Check your browser settings. You have to make it to allow pop-ups window, or you can try to download from other browser.

3. What excel version I need to run your template ?
Based on my experience, my templates will working properly in excel 97 – 2007 version, eventhough I create most of my templates using excel 2003. There are some templates that only working properly in excel version, where you can see the excel file extension is difference (xlsx for excel 2007).

4. Why the excel function not working properly ?
5. Why your template shows “#name” in some of its cells ?
I made many templates that required the analysis toolpak add-ins to be active. You should activate the analysis toolpak add-ins to make all the excel formulas working well. You can activate the analysis toolpak by following several steps below :
Excel 2003 > Menu > Tools > Add-Ins > Tick Analysis Toolpak > Ok
Excel 2007 > Menu > Excel Options > Add-Ins > Select Analysis Toolpak > Go > Tick Analysis Toolpak > Ok
You probably need the original microsoft office installation if you have problem on activating the add-ins. If the add-ins is active and you see that there is no change happened, close your microsoft excel and open it again.

6. Can you do some modification ?
I have a very limited time on doing this excel template. If the modification will be useful for all users, I will make it. If it is not, I won’t make it. But, it still take some time due to my time limitation.

7. Can I pay you to do some modification ?
8. Can I pay you to do some excel projects ?
Not this time. I just don’t want to be bounded by some order obligation because of my time limitation. Perhaps, I will start receiving this kind of order next year.

9. Why you protect some of your templates ?
There are two reasons why I protect my templates. First, to protect the formula inside the template to be changed unintentionally. Second, to protect the template to be used by other parties without permission. Almost all of my formulas are original, where it took several hours to find the correct excel functions to implement the logic. I know that some of you will need to see the function for learning purposes, but there are others that will use my templates to be claimed as their creation without giving me any credits. You will find some templates that have similar layout and function like my templates but claimed by other parties.

10. Can I have the password ?
11. Can I pay you for the password ?
No. But, I plan to make all my templates unprotected by next year.

12. Can you help me with excel problem ?
I will help if I could. Just send me email and I will answer and try to solve your problem. The main issue is time, since I cannot read and answer it directly due to my time limitation.

13. Why it takes so long for you to answer my comments ?
I am sorry guys. The reason is the same, my time limitation. But, if you need urgent help, just mail me, I will answer and try to solve your problem.

14. Can I have the English Premier League Fixtures template ?
FA has protected everything about English Premier League including its fixtures. So, if I want to use their fixtures and distribute it, FA required me to pay for a license which is not cheap. Even yahoo has to pay FA for displaying the fixtures in Yahoo site. So, I am really sorry that I cannot make and distribute it for free.

15. Can I advertise on your site ?
16. Can we exchange links ?
Thank you for your interest, but at this point of time, I like my site as it is.

17. Why are you giving all templates for free ?
No reason. I use excel for my daily activities. And I like to make templates to ease my job and to practice my excel skills. I think, templates that are useful for me will be useful for others. The templates I created are not complex templates and seeing you happy using my templates are enough for me to take it as payment :-).

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