Square Root Table

There are several definition of square root found when you googling. Basically, all the definitions  have the same meaning, and I pick one that is easier to understand, “The square root of a number is a number which multiplied by itself, gives you the original number”. Finding the square of 9 or 16 is easy, because the number to be multiplied to give 9 and 16 is integer number. But, when the number is 10 or 17, you need a calculator to get the number fast… or a square root table. I made the dynamic square root table, so you can use it as a quick reference to find the square root without calculator.

Square Root Calculator

There are 4 worksheets in this square root calculator and table template. Those are :

  • Square root calculator worksheet. Just type the number and its number will be shown automatically in respective blue box
  • Dynamic square root table worksheet. You can scroll up and down, left and right to find respective numbers.
  • Static square root table worksheet. If you can use the dynamic worksheet properly, you can use the static ones. There are 2 worksheets here. You can select, customize and print as your table reference.

If you want to learn about finding the square root manually, you can read in wikihow or in plenty of sites that you can find easily by searching in internet.

You can download the file here.