Multiplication Table

Trying to help my son learning multiplication, I tried to find multiplication table in internet. I found some, but I think I need a flexible multiplication table where I can print according to my needs. So, I made my own multiplication table in Microsoft Excel.

Multiplication Table

As you can see in the picture, I created two types of multiplication table, one with size of 10 x 10 cells and the other with size of 25 x 25 cells. I put a horizontal and vertical scroll bar in every table, so it will help me to dynamically adjust the range of number to be printed according to my need.

Multiplication Table 25 x 25

I also made one blank multiplication table with size 10 x 10 cells, that can be used as an exercise table. And you can use it also as your math exercise worksheet. And there is scroll bars also to adjust the numbers to be printed in your exercise worksheet.

Blank Multiplication Table

You can modify this table to accommodate more numbers or to change the color, just in case you want to make it as your official multiplication table. If the scroll bar didn’t work well in your Excel version, you can replace it with your Excel version scroll bar button. Or, you can remove it and spread the table to cover your specific numbers.

You can download the file here.

You can download the open office version here.