GPA Calculator

Probably this template is one of the simple template where you can easily create by yourself. Even you can find the logic about that grade inside the excel help on using IF function. What is GPA itself ? Based on definition I found in Internet (eventhough I know what it means), GPA or Grade Points Average is a common tool used to measure student’s academic achievement in their school, college or university. This GPA can be calculated by dividing the total number of Grade Points received by the total number of Credits taken.

GPA Calculator

And grade points usually used letters to classify the achievement. Letter A is the highest grade point (in my GPA calculator is corresponding to 4, but there are some university use 5 to represent A) and E or F is the lowest grade points (I used E as the lowest grade point). This GPA method is accepted for most of schools or universities worldwide as their passing grade to enter their school or universities and also useful if you want to apply some scholarships. So, if you are plan to become a Doctor, Master or Professor, or you want to be accepted in your favorite schools, I suggest you to study hard to get a good GPA to ease your school path.

Using my template is easy, just fill your class name, put your grade points and credit in corresponding cells and GPA formula will do the rest of the work for you. Be sure not to type on blue cells since it contains formulas.

You can download the file here.