Yearly Calendar with Automatic Color Marker

Less than two months we will enter the year of 2009. Usually around this time, I am looking for the new design of excel calendar, but this year is different. I plan to make my own excel calendar, so I can define anything I want in this calendar. After reviewing several excel calendars, I decided to create this calendar that should be the first excel calendar with automatic color marker feature.

Excel Calendar 2009


What I want to have in my calendar is a flexibility to change my holiday and event date without changing the appearance of the cell containing the date manually. It is annoyed me. The thought is how to make the appearance of the cells changed automatically everytime I change the date of the holiday/event or add the new holiday/event in separate cells. And after several layout changing, I made this calendar as you can see in the picture, where I made the column for holidays and events where I can fill or copy my holiday and event dates in those columns and see the corresponding date color/cells in the calendar turned into other colors. I assign only 2 colors in this calendar, red for holidays and blue for events. You can learn the code and change its layouts or colors.

I add also another function which will make this calendar not just as an excel calendar but also become a perpetual calendar that you can use every time the year is changed either forward or backward. You are free to change the layout or the appearance of this calendar according to your preferences. Or, if you have other ideas, you can develop it into a specific calendar that more suited with your needs.

You can download this yearly calendar in excel version here.

You can download the openoffice version here.

Happy new year!