Weekly Class Schedule

One excel spreadsheet that can be built based on my weekly calendar template is a weekly class schedule. You can print this spreadsheet as a blank weekly schedule or you can customize it based on your weekly schedule. And like my weekly calendar, you can customize it by filling in one column list and the excel formula will automatically adjust your schedule in the weekly schedule worksheet.

Weekly Class Schedule

This weekly class schedule consists of two worksheets. The first one is a worksheet where you have to fill your lesson schedule based on lesson recurring period, either day or date, and fixed date reference. For example, within your academic year, you have math lesson that recurred every Monday, you have probably one lesson that only occur once a month, and you have lesson examination with fixed dates, where all dates have to be filled manually in a blank calendar or in your school book.

By using this spreadsheet, all you have to do just type your lesson in corresponding column and select your recurring days or just typing your recurring dates or fixed dates. The excel formula will automatically place your lesson information in corresponding date in weekly worksheet. And don’t forget to put your lesson period by typing the start and end time of your lesson. There is also a holiday column where you can add your school holiday.

Weekly Class Schedule Setup

After finishing the first worksheet, you can customize your weekly schedule worksheet. Just put the start time that will be used for slider bar reference, and your weekly class schedule is ready. You can slide right or left to see how your schedule is displayed. And you can use this feature to select your weekly schedule to be printed. The maximum lessons that can be displayed at the same date are only 20 lessons.

I think there are still some features need to be added, and I will be appreciated if you can give me some feedback to improve this spreadsheet.

You can download the file here.