Weekly Calendar

Completing my calendar templates that are created with monthly and yearly layouts, this weekly calendar is a calendar with weekly layout. And different than monthly calendar that only can have maximum 3 events to be displayed automatically based on event list, this weekly calendar can display until maximum 20 events. So, you can type your events in event list column and see them in your calendar based on your setup.

Weekly Calendar

There are two worksheets in this template, the first one is the Event and holidays worksheet where you can put your events and customize your holidays. On the event list, just type your event time and description and you don’t have to sort the event based on your dates. Because the formula in other worksheet will find all the corresponding dates in the list to be displayed.

There is a holidays list in this worksheet where you can customize your holiday to be displayed in the calendar. But, there is only one holiday date that will appear in the calendar. So, if there are two or more holidays are on the same date, the formula will take the first created one.

Weekly Calendar Setup

The second worksheet is the Weekly calendar worksheet where you can see the calendar filled with your events. There is a start date box where you have to fill the reference date for the slider bar. Once you fill the date, you can slide right to change the start date of your weekly calendar and slide left to go back to the original date.

This calendar will display maximum 20 events and 1 holiday, and will turn the cell color of holiday date into red. I have also created several styles of weekly calendar for several purposes that should be useful for your daily and weekly schedules and activities, like class schedule, tv schedules and others. I will post them in my next posts.

You can download the file here.