Restaurant Reservations

Following my reservation spreadsheets on hotel, car, and banquet hall which based on day reservations, this reservation spreadsheet is based on hour reservation. The basic reservation scheme is the same, but I put tables number, smoking and non-smoking preferences, and table capacities as parameters in this spreadsheet. But, the formula will work only on the table number.

Restaurant Reservations

This spreadsheet consists of two worksheets. To customize this spreadsheet, go into availability worksheet and put your tables information in table type, capacity, and table number columns. And you can custom the display of reservation time here, by change the time step value (in minutes). After you finished entering all information, you can go to restaurant reservation worksheet to start your reservation log. You can custom the column in this worksheet except the table number because this is the reference of the formula. Once you fill the reservation or you want to see the reservation information, go back to the availability worksheet and slide the date to the date of reservation.

You can change the scroll bar in the worksheet the new scroll bar if it can’t work with your Excel version.

OK. That’s all guys. Feel free to give me some feedback about real situation, since I don’t have a restaurant :-). You can download the file here.