Monthly Planner

This monthly planner is created with different approach compare to weekly planner and daily planner template I have posted earlier. It is created based on the monthly event calendar with additional column for time so it can be used as a planner instead of just calendar.

You can make this planner as a printable blank planner or you can add to-do list in this planner for one month period. There are maximum 3 to-do list that can be inserted in the planner due to layout consideration. I will make the planner with more than 3 to-do list later, because I don’t want to change the original monthly calendar that I used as its basic template too much, because to accommodate more than 3 to-do list I have to change the structure of the column and formula. You can put also hour information in the to-do list column as seen in picture.

Monthly Planner

And there is a holiday and an event column that will shown up in the planner. Since I only spare one cell to be filled next to the date inside the planner, there is only one event or one holiday can be shown up. If both event and holiday share the same date, the cell will show the event information because I put priority of event is higher than holiday.

And below the main dates, there is a note and a supporting calendar as a reference to see the dates one month before and after. And to ease you to see the plan one month ahead, I set a slider bar on the left corner of the planner. You can slide it right or left to see your plan in your targeted month. And you can set the starting month and year in the Todo-holiday-event worksheet together with to-do list, holiday and event information I explain to you in the beginning.

Monthly Planner Setup

There is a supporting calendar worksheet where you don’t have to do anything, except if you want to learn formulas or do some modification. I used this worksheet as a reference to display supporting calendar in the planner.

That’s all guys. You can download the file here.