Chinese Gender Chart

Based on ancient stories, Chinese gender chart was found in a royal tomb over 700 years before present. The royal tomb is near Beijing, China. Now, the chart is kept in the Institute of Science in Beijing. And stories said that this chart is created as Chinese ancient statistic results of birth gender. And after that, it is used to plan and predict gender of Chinese children.

Chinese Gender Chart

How accurate is the chart ? Nobody can guarantee the accuracy of this chart. So, use it as a side reference or just a statistic chart to check whether your children now is the same with what the chart say. Don’t use it as a real reference. Always trust your doctor for your real reference.

To use this chinese birth gender chart, put the mother’s age at the time of conception in “Mother Age at Conception” cell and then put the month that conception took place in “Conception Month” cell. There will be a formula that will intersect your input and gives your the gender of the child. If the gender is the same with the gender of your children, just keep in mind that this is just coincidence.

You can download the file here. Have fun.