Attendance Calendar

Perhaps this excel file is a combination between monthly and yearly attendance record where you can use some worksheets of this template as a printable monthly attendance forms and collect all monthly data to form employee attendance record for one year period.

Attendance Calendar

This excel file consist of one worksheet of one year attendance worksheet, 12 worksheets of monthly attendance, one worksheet of holiday and one worksheet of employee data. You can enlarge a picture one year attendance worksheet above to see it clearly. In this worksheet, all you have to do just fill the ID of the employee and your targeted year. And all the employee attendance information will reveal automatically. And to make sure that all information will be revealed correctly, you have to fill correctly the rest of the worksheets.

The first worksheet that you have to fill correctly is your employee data worksheet as you can see in the picture below. Try to follow my sample inside the worksheet to understand the purpose of its column.

Employee Detail
The second worksheet that you have to adjust after finishing the employee data worksheet is the holidays worksheet, where the data will be used to calculate the number of working days in each month.

Attendance Holiday

Now, you ready to use your monthly attendance record form where you can see your employee information, number of working days and holidays mark created in those worksheets. These monthly attendance records are based on 5 working days in each weeks, from Monday to Friday. If you needs a record for 6 working days, you can adjust the formula by yourself or you can wait the next version.

Attendance Record


Based on comments and emails I received, there are many request on half day  and customize holidays feature. I have made the new version, V1.22, that can accommodate those requests. There are instruction and sample data inside the spreadsheet. I haven’t fully tested this version, so let me know if you have any problem on using this spreadsheet. But, I still leave the old version, V1.1, to be downloaded, just in case you don’t need those new features above.


I have created a commercial attendance calendar template which accommodate more features. There is also a lite version that you can try before purchasing the Pro one. I created a different post to explain more about its features and capabilities. You can read more information about this new template here.


You can download the old and free templates here :

  Attendance Calendar V1.1 (322.5 KiB, 51,527 hits)

  Attendance Calendar V1.22 (334.5 KiB, 40,574 hits)

And this file below is the lite version of the new template

  Employee Attendance Planner and Tracker Lite V2.46 (865.1 KiB, 49,898 hits)