2015/2016 Academic Calendar Templates

A new academic year is about to begin again in most countries around the world that adopt summer to summer academic year period which usually start in July until October. These are the latest Academic Calendar Templates for year 2015/2016.

Model 1 : 12/13 Academic Calendars with Middle School Agenda Information

2015/2016 Academic Calendar - Excel

As you can see in the picture, the new models will give you area to put your school agenda information in the same page with the calendar. Calendars will be divided into 2 columns at the left and right side of the page, where school agenda information will be put in the middle. There are two separate table available to be filled where the top table is allocated for fixed dates and the bottom table is allocated for consecutive dates. Dates typed in the table will be marked in the calendar with specific color, based on color code you put in color code column. Fixed and consecutive dates could have the same color because there is no restriction on the color code placement usage. It will be useful if you want to colorize your holiday and school break with the same color, for example red, to remind your students and teachers that there is no school activities in those days. You can also mark your school term, for example, if you are following a quarter system, you can divide your one year school period into 4 quarters and add any school activities marker on top of those quarter markers. I put some dates for example in August 2015 – July 2016 model. As you can see in that calendar, I typed four consecutive dates for Quarters period, 1st and 3rd quarter have brown color (color code:E4) while 2nd and 4th quarter have yellow color (E5). I put two week Christmas Break with red color and final exams of 1st Quarter with green color. And on top of the table, I put US holidays with all red color code. You can also apply this into your trimester system.

But, I limited consecutive dates to cover until maximum 90 days. If you need to mark consecutive days more than 90 days, you should type the date period twice or more.

There 4 different types for each models. July 2015 – June 2016, July 2015 – July 2016, August 2015 – July 2016 and August 2015 – August 2016 calendar template. In each spreadsheet, you will have two different starting days, Sunday and Monday. You can select the most suitable one to your school.

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar with Notes - 76 - V2.4 (153.7 KiB, 1,746 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar with Notes - 77 - V2.4 (155.4 KiB, 942 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar with Notes - 87 - V2.4 (159.8 KiB, 952 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar with Notes - 88 - V2.4 (155.5 KiB, 1,267 hits)

Model 2 : 12/13 Academic Calendars with Date Marker Only
These are excel calendars which give you a flexibility to mark its date based on your school academic planning. You can mark just a single date or mark consecutive dates based on your start and end date of you school event period.

2015/2016 Academic Calendar Model 1 for ExcelMarking Single Date
– Go to Exam-Holiday-Event worksheet
– Type the date and its description in Exam, Holiday, and Important Event Table. Each table will represent different color marker in your calendar. You can change their titles to suit your needs.

Marking Consecutive Dates
– Go to Exam-Holiday-Event worksheet
– There are 3 tables with different color at the rightside of the worksheet where you can type your start and end date to mark your event period.

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar 76 - V2.2 (100.2 KiB, 993 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar 77 - V2.2 (101.8 KiB, 790 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar 87 - V2.2 (159.8 KiB, 774 hits)

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar 88 - V2.2 (101.7 KiB, 925 hits)

Model 3 : Linear Academic Calendar
There is only one model of this type. It will start from July 2014 until August 2015. Compared with the table model above, this calendar will show dates in horizontal form. Some schools are requesting this type of calendar because it is easier to manage their events. With this style, you have a room to print all event’s description within one page. Steps to mark single and consecutive dates are the same with steps in previous model above. The different is, you do all dates arrangement in the same page with the calendar.

2015/2016 Academic Calendar - Linear Model for Excel

  2015/2016 Academic Calendar Linear 78 V1.0 (77.9 KiB, 1,560 hits)

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(all 2015/2016 Academic and 2016 calendars, except linear models, will have Sunday/Monday within the same spreadsheet but in different worksheet)