2017 and 2018 Calendars

These are 2017 and 2018 calendar templates created particularly to be used with Microsoft Excel. There are new models added in those templates to give you more options on selecting the most suitable one with your needs. With these new models, you can now have option to set your event dates chronologically either they are single or consecutive dates. And, there are more rows to insert your consecutive dates as well, because you don’t have to switch columns or table to insert those dates.

2017 Calendar Template Model 5

Hopefully, these calendars could fit any types of your needs. But, not all new calendar templates are free. Some are available in commercial version where you can read brief descriptions of those in About worksheet in each calendars.

Here are all free 2017 and 2018 calendar models.

Model 1 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 1You might familiar with these ones. They are original calendar templates that have been here since 2008. There are 3 tables for single event dates and 3 tables for consecutive event dates. All event tables are in separate worksheet where all inputted event dates will be marked in respective dates inside the calendar in another worksheet.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 1 - V2.6 (1,009.3 KiB, 6,655 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 1 (1.1 MiB, 1,621 hits)

Model 2 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 2This model is available since last year. It is a one page calendar where it has event description in the middle of the calendar. Event with single dates is at the above part of the calendar while event with date period is at the bottom part. But you can have similar color for those dates by typing similar color codes on respective dates.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 2 - V2.6 (595.1 KiB, 4,134 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 2 (681.2 KiB, 1,015 hits)

Model 3 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 3This is a linear calendar. All dates are aligned horizontally. It has event description date tables with similar layout with model 1, but you can print this calendar and event table within one single page.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 3 - V2.6 (522.0 KiB, 4,156 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 3 (607.9 KiB, 1,062 hits)

Model 5 :

This is a new model. The first picture in this article is a screenshot of this model. It has month tables at the left side and event description at the right side. You can print its month table only or include its event description.

It has 42 event date rows where you can type single or consecutive dates in those rows. Select event month in column AA, and type single or consecutive start date in column AB. If you input single date, you can continue to the next row, but you need to type consecutive end date in column AD if you plan to cover several dates in sequence.

Those written dates will be marked with specific color in month tables. You can specify the color by typing the code in color code column (AG). There are dummy dates already inputted in this calendar to guide you type it properly. Due to lengthy conditional formatting formula, Sunday and Monday model is created in separate spreadsheet.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 5 - V2.6 (1,007.1 KiB, 2,179 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 5 (1.1 MiB, 745 hits)

Model 7 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 7This is a linear model, like model 3, but it has sharing date features like model 5. All event date tables are grouped into specific months. If you want to add event that occur in February, you have to type it in February table. It has 8 rows that you can type with either single or consecutive dates. You can apply different color markers for all of those inputted dates. And you can hide the color codes by turn it off from the dropdown list at the right side of the calendar to make it hidden from the calendar when you print it.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 7 - V2.6 (1,018.0 KiB, 3,010 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 7 (1.2 MiB, 749 hits)

Model 8 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 8This one basically has a similar model with model 3, except it has 3 rows in each month. Each row has one assigned single event and one assigned consecutive dates as you can see in each event table header title.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 8 - V2.6 (530.3 KiB, 2,598 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 8 (616.4 KiB, 729 hits)

Model 11 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 11If you are looking previous calendar model with event description at the left and right side of the calendar, you can download this new model. It has similar outlook with previous one, except I modified its date columns to accommodate consecutive dates. Previously, you only can type single date in its event description. By having this consecutive dates option, you can type more dates in respective month description table.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 11 - V2.6 (1.0 MiB, 4,162 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 11 (1.2 MiB, 824 hits)

Model 13 :

2017 Calendar Template Model 13This is a monthly version. No new additional functions. To use this calendar, you need to put all of your dates and event descriptions in Event list worksheet. The Excel formulas in all month worksheets will populate those data into respective date boxes in each month worksheet. You can put until 6 events in each date boxes.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 13 - V2.7 (746.5 KiB, 5,860 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 13 (833.7 KiB, 1,018 hits)

Model 14 :

This calendar is similar with model 13, except you must type all event descriptions in each month worksheets. Event table in the first worksheet will pull and sort those data into one long list. This calendar fits with you who want to scratch the plan inside the calendar directly. Then, print it into a list to remind you the dates.

  2017 Calendar Templates Model 14 - V2.6 (1,002.3 KiB, 2,210 hits)

  2018 Calendar Templates Model 14 (1.1 MiB, 615 hits)

As usual, all calendars above are protected, they can be used but they can’t be modified. And if you see model numbering above, you will see that some models are missing. They are not missing, they are just not available for free. You can read more about other models in About worksheet in each calendars.

Those 2017 and 2018 calendar templates require a minimum Excel 2007 for Windows and Excel 2008 for Mac to make all conditional formatting formula run properly. You can purchase the commercial version for USD 5.00 only if you want to have full control over those 14 models for 2017 Calendars and 15 models for 2018 Calendars.

If you are looking for event calendar that cover half of 2017 months and half of 2018 months, usually for creating school calendars, you read more about it here.

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There is one new model in 2018 calendar packages. It has Gantt Chart look alike view. You can type your events and its date period at the left side. Then, the formula will mark those dates into respective dates at the right side.

2018 Calendar Templates – USD 5.00
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