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2014 Calendar

Posted on October 10, 2013
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We will enter year 2014 within 3 months. Many people have already started to make a plan for next year. And for soccer fans, it will become a year where they can watch 32 best soccer nations in the world fighting for a World Cup 2014 trophy. And this time, it will be held in Brazil,  in June – July period. So, if you plan to go there or just want to watch in front of your television without any disturbance, you should start planning it now. These 2014 calendar templates should help you manage it in simple way.

There are several models of 2014 calendar templates you can choose to suit your needs since they are created to accommodate any kind of needs, for example planning your family vacation, planning your wedding, planning your company events, etc. And, to ease you choosing the suitable one, below is a short description of each type of those calendars :

1. 2014 Calendar with notes in one page

2014 Calendar Portrait with Notes 837x1024 2014 Calendar


This is a calendar where you can have both dates and notes in the same page. Each month will have 8 rows of notes that you can filled with your own events, holidays or reminders where each category will have different color marking. To differentiate the markings, just type letter E, H or R at the rightside of each note table. This calendar is more suitable for you who doesn’t have much events in one year and if you have one, the events is only take one-two days.

xlsx 2014 Calendar  2014 Calendar Portrait Horizontal With Notes V1.51 (26.8 KiB, 3,946 hits)

xlsx 2014 Calendar  2014 Calendar Portrait Vertical With Notes V1.51 (26.8 KiB, 2,704 hits)

2. 2014 Calendar without notes in one page

2014 Calendar Landscape 1024x637 2014 Calendar


If you don’t need any notes written in the same page with the dates, you can use this one. It only shows you the dates and its color markings based on information that you have put in setup worksheet. This calendar will give you more flexibilities on typing your events. Because it can accommodate until 90 fixed dates to be marked in 3 different colors, and also it can accommodate weekly, monthly or even longer events by typing start and end dates of your event period. There are maximum 24 events period can be type and marked in 3 different colors.

xlsx 2014 Calendar  2014 Calendar Landscape V1.01 (32.9 KiB, 3,094 hits)

xlsx 2014 Calendar  2014 Calendar Portrait V1.0 (33.1 KiB, 1,733 hits)

This calendar is suitable for you who has many events to be held. But, the tradeoff of this calendar, you have to remember the events that have been translated into color markings.

3. 2014 Linear Calendar with notes in one page

2014 Calendar Linear 1024x625 2014 Calendar


This calendar is created to have all dates and notes in one page.  Different from previous modes, it can have more notes as well as dates in one page by displaying the dates horizontally. And, not just fixed dates, you can also put your events period here. So, you can see the period is being marked horizontally. Some of you might prefer to have this kind of calendars instead of common models above.

xlsx 2014 Calendar  2014 Calendar Linear V1.0 (31.1 KiB, 3,478 hits)

You need at least Microsoft Excel 2007 to make those files running well. And they are protected with password. You still be able to modify some cells but limited. To have full access to those calendars, you can purchase the unlocked version. Besides having unlocked calendars, you will also have extended marking colors for 2014 Calendar with notes version. The complete files that you will have are as follows :

- Unlocked 2013 and 2014 Calendar – Portrait
- Unlocked 2013 and 2014 Calendar – Landscape
- Unlocked 2013 and 2014 Linear Calendar
- Unlocked 2013 and 2014 Calendar with Notes – Vertical Month Arrangement  with 7 Different Marking Color
- Unlocked 2013 and 2014 Calendar with Notes – Horizontal Month Arrangement with 7 Different Marking Color
- Unlocked July 2013/June 2014 Academic Calendar
- Unlocked July 2013/July 2014 Academic Calendar
- Unlocked August 2013/July 2014 Academic Calendar
- Unlocked August 2013/August 2014 Academic Calendar

Get Unlocked 2014 Calendars for US$ 4.99

 2014 Calendar


5 Responses to “2014 Calendar”

  1. Tom Rumple on October 19th, 2013 3:02 pm

    Extra Payment Mortgage calulator had error in formulas for columns A, B and F. They didn’t always consider extra amount when reaching end of payment period. I added the extra payment amount and it now works. I also added a month to the options so that annual extra payments don’t always start on the 12th month. It makes a difference in pay-down if the extra payments start early. If you want to take a look let me know and I’ll email to you.

  2. Karsten Liebmann on November 4th, 2013 6:56 am

    Hello, your horizontal calendar 2014 does not show the marks in January (you yourself have in the example data 1/1 and 1/20 as holiday event but they don’t show)

  3. Musadya on November 4th, 2013 7:00 am

    @Tom: Thank you for your feedback. You can send it to my email.

    @Karsten: Thank you for your correction. It is fixed now. I misstyped 2014 with 2004 at the first date of the year. You can retype it, or you can download the corrected version.

    Best regards

  4. Karsten Liebmann on November 4th, 2013 7:27 am

    it also might be worth clarifying priority of colors – intuitively I would have thought that priority is by order on the data sheet – green/red/blue/yellow/brown/gray – fact is green/blue/red/brown/yello/gray

  5. Steve on February 13th, 2014 11:59 pm

    Used your 2013 F1 Dashboard.
    Really Good.
    I’ve updated as much of it as i can for the 2014 season, dates & driver etc, but you have some hidden worksheets, which are password protected, and can’t complete the new season without it.

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