Hi, My name is R. Musadya. I am the owner and the creator of all excel templates in this site.

I had been running exceltemplate.net as my personal journal of excel. Microsoft Excel has helped me in my daily activities. Either my private, business or family activities. There is anything you can do with the magic of excel as long as you know how to use it. I created those templates in my spare time, except excel templates for business purposes, since I am running several offline business that needs my focus to keep it running well.

Instead of maintaining my own business, I like playing and watching sports. That is the reason behind many excel sport templates I have created. I can play football, basketball, tennis, badminton, bowling, and golf. Sports keep me healthy and competitive in my age which will turn into 40 in a couple of years.

And I have never miss watching NBA finals, Tennis Grand Slam Finals, Formula 1, MotoGP and of course any football tournament matches, like UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and regular Europe football competition. Usually I created my excel templates while watching those sport shows :-).

I like to travel also. I have visiting many Asian countries for business and leisure. Accompanied with my Nikon D90 camera, I have never miss a chance to take any pictures of beautiful sceneries, cityscapes and people in those countries.

Knowledge is power, but sharing it is more… That is my wiseword reference on sharing my templates in this site. I forgot where I got that wiseword, but it doesn’t matter since I try to implement it in this site.

I can write many information about me in this page, but I think it will make you boring. I would like to thank you for reading this page and downloading my templates. I hope you like all templates in this site and enjoy. That will be my greatest happiness. And I wish I could contribute more…